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JUNE  2005


Tubal ligation 

June 24, 1999


Tubal reversal

June 23, 2005


Pregnancy #1

It's a Boy!  Mar 23, 2008


6-7 cm ea side





Micah Ruben Sanchez

I wanted to update my story!

We had our first reversal blessing on March 23, 2008


June 2005

First I must say I am extremely thankful to be adding my own testimony to this site. If it had not been for the other testimonies I know that I would never have felt the peace that I had during my trip.

Our trip started on Wednesday morning, we rented a car and headed out.  We drove from Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was a very long trip and we drove straight through. Thursday afternoon came and we called Marcos to arrange pickup. My appointment was for Friday and he said he could pick us up early and we could have the surgery Thursday evening if we wanted.  After waiting 6 years I was very ready to have it done.

Marcos came to pick us up at around 6:00 and we drove across the border. We had no trouble getting in at all. The scenery from Texas to Mexico really was not that different, it actually looked very much the same. I was not frightened at all. God truly gave me a sense of peace that passes all understanding because I am a worry wart by nature and worry about getting a tooth filled at the dentist but had no fear at all.

We walked into the hospital and I was struck by how clean it looked and smelled. It was hot and muggy outside but very cool and refreshing inside the hospital. We walked down the corridor and signed the paperwork. The nurses led me and hubby to our room. We were in room 3 and it was even cooler inside the room. I was given a gown to change into and after I changed a nurse came in to put in the IV.  She had difficulty trying to find a good vein, I have very hard to reach ones.  What I was impressed by was she did not poke me until she couldn't get one, she just tried to find one and when she couldn't she went and got Dr. Levi.  He found one that worked and put in my IV.  He was great, I always bruise when I get an IV and I didn't get one at all.  Dr. Levi asked me medical history and looked at my OP report, he asked if we had any questions. We asked only a few because I felt like I knew what to expect having read everyone else's testimony.  He gave Joe some scrubs and to our disappointment they would not fit.  My hubby is a really big guy and because they had not scrubs to fit he would not be able to go in with me.

At this time I was somewhat nervous, I had anticipated him being there with me the whole time and now he was not going to be able to. Dr. Levi took the camera we were going to use and said he would make sure that the surgery was taped so that he could see it later.  My hubby and I prayed and I again felt such a sense of peace fall over me that I went in without hubby.  I wear glasses so they had removed them before wheeling me out of the room so my vision was very blurred (I am blind without my glasses).  I prayed the whole way down to the OR. I was physically unable to see but God was with me and spiritually saw everything that I could not. I was unable to see the cross above the door, but I had the Almighty on my side.

When they went to put the epidural in I asked one more time to let hubby in because at that time I was a little bit afraid.  Dr. Moreno was very compassionate and loving, he told me very gently that no hubby could not come in.  He told me that everything was going to be okay and that I would get very sleepy and not remember anything in a few minutes. I immediately was calmed and they put in the epidural, it did not hurt at all and the next thing I remember is music playing in the background and I could feel the surgery taking place. When I say that I could 'feel' it I don't mean in a painful or a pressure type of feeling, it was just a sense of knowing that they were sewing the tubes back together.  It was such a relief to know that I was becoming whole again. I remember asking if I was being a good patient and they said that I was and that they were almost finished.

They closed me up, wrapped me up and off we went back to our room. They gave me antibiotics and pain meds every 8 hours after that. They took great care of us. The blankets they give you are really thick and plush nothing like the thin white ones you get here in the states. I was given 2 blankets and hubby had 1. They brought breakfast the next morning for both of us and it was wonderful, lunch was just as great.  It was a peaceful quiet time that we were able to rest and relax. They came in around 1:30 to remove the catheter and I was able to shower. They re wrapped me and Marcos was there to take us back to the hotel we were going to rent.  I was sore as is to be expected and we crossed the border again with no problems. Marcos was extremely helpful and very nice.

The nurses were very nice, Dr. Levi was wonderful, he took time and never made me feel rushed. He has the best bedside manner I have ever seen. He is compassionate and answered each question we had.  I do not remember even meeting Dr. Perez but that did not make one bit of difference to me. God really put in my spirit that I did not have to see Dr. Perez to know that he had done the job.  I did see him on the tape though later when I watched it.

Dr. Levi gave us a 80-90% chance to have another child, and my tube lengths are 6-7 on each side. I am 100% completely whole again and could not have been happier with our experience. Thanks for allowing me to share my testimony.

Michelle Sanchez

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