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Nov  2005


tubal ligation


tubal reversal 



Pregnancy #1 edd

Jan 29, 2008


4 cm each side




August 2007  (Expecting Twins!)

I had my tubes untied 11-05-2005 and my husband and I found out that on jan 24th we will be parents to twin boys which is what we have always wanted.  We have 3 girls so this is a blessing to have 2 boys in our lives.

Dr perez is the best if it wasn't for him we wouldn't be as happy as we are today and will be happier the day that they are born

thanks dr perez for everything....

keri and john sloan

January  2006

 I am 30 yrs old and have 3 beautiful girls with my husband.  John is 33 and has 5 kids total.  I had my tubes tied after twins due to pressure from family.   We decided about 2 yrs ago that we wanted to have another child and started looking. Everything was so expensive, but finally I came across a web site for dr Perez. i thought there is no way that this could be true but I called and sure enough it was!  We were so excited. 

My husband and I left from Katy Texas at 7pm to head to the hospital and on our way we were talking to Marcos on his cell from ours.  He told us that the border closed at midnight and it was already 1 by that time, so we ended up having to turn around and go a different direction.   Well as we did we had a flat tire and at 1 am that wasn't fun at all!  I have a new car so all we had was the donut ( fun fun ) anyways we get to the border finally the way we had to end up going ( let me tell u leave early the roads were bad, there were pot holes everywhere the way we had to go across the border ).  well that was a 3 am when we finally got there both tired but nervous and excited we were driving real slow cause of the holes.  Well as we got close to where we was going we went the wrong way we were stopped by the cops that spoke no English,  and John having to say wife hospital surgery lol.  Well they sent us to the hospital ( the wrong one ) but they were following us and he showed them the address, and they understood and we followed them to the right hospital where we had police escort.   They went in and told them that we were there.  They met us at the door, the nurses were great.  I couldn't understand anything they said, but they called Marcos and he told them what was going on, and they got my room ( room 5 ).   We met another lady that was having it done the same day and she was cool. 

At 7 am the nurse came in for my iv .  I wasn't having it done till 2 pm so John went to get the tired fixed.  He did and he felt better and fell asleep.  At 1:15 they come in and said lets go so I went to the back.  I was nervous but I got to meet the doctors Levi and Perez and they were awesome!   I was so glad that I decided to do it.   Also just so u know if there is anything u wanna tell your other half ladys better do it cause they give you meds that makes you talk and you will tell them everything!   I learned that when I told the doctors things about John!  Thank God they weren't bad. 

I was done @ 4 pm and was numb till seems like forever, but finally started getting the feeling back in my legs.  I got some good sleep, they kept coming in and giving me meds.  I was just ready to leave. At 8 dr Levi came in took out the iv and the catheter. I was glad when that came out he said take a shower and see if u can walk. I could so at 8:30 he said u are clear to go home.

Marcos was there taking the other couple back and he said we could follow him.  We jumped on that cause we didn't want to go back the way we came in, that's for sure!   We did and got to the border and they asked if we was together, John said we was following him out.  So the guard told us they were stopped and searched and said we could wait or be on our way.  John said we are going so we left. The tire that we had fixed blew again 30 mins outta Mexico so he put the donut back on.  There was a shop  10 mins down the road.  we meet a nice man and bought a new tire didn't want to take any more chances.  so finally we are on our way home and made it at 6 pm thank god where we was met with our 3 little girls.  they were glad that we were home and safe. 

Now its been 1 week and 1 day since my surgery and they still make sure mommy is doing what she is suppose to ( made the mistake telling them I couldn't do anything lol ).....and also don't freak out on the prices cause john got 2 med pizzas it was 115 pesos - but it was only 12 us dollars.  When he told me that I was kind of outta it and said omg u didn't spend that much for food!? Aso make sure u take something to watch cause the stations are all Spanish or adult stations lol. 

Well that's about all so for now.  I will update as things happen and thanks dr Levi and dr Perez.  Y'all  are awesome and I would recommend this and them to anyone questioning having it done!  It's a great chance to meet great people and a chance to have a new bundle of joy in your life.....and also my sister and her husband will be heading down soon because of how good we were she wants to have a baby as well!

Keri Sloan


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