Shauna & John Smart


March  2005


tubal reversal 

Mar 17, 2005

Pregnancy #1

It's a Girl! 4/19/06


7 cm left  

3 cm right






Gracelynne Faith Smart

born to proud parents John & Shauna Smart.  Unfortunately one of our twins never finished developing, but we had a beautiful healthy baby girl April 19, 2006 @ 2:51 pm in Bangor, ME. She weighed 6# 8 ozs and 19 3/4 inches long. our daughter is perfect healthy and adorable

We have shared our story with everyone and our doctor plans to refer patients to you. She was the first TR baby born at Eastern Maine Medical Center. And 95% of the staff had never heard of a successful TR. 

Thank You to Dr. Perez and LEVI and all the staff special thanks to Fanny


February 2006      Ultrasound Pics! 

Baby 1

Baby 2

Sep 2005

We had reversal March 17, 2005 and are pleased to announce  we are expecting twins March 23, 2006!!!

John & Shauna Smart

Mar 2005

We left Bangor, ME for a 40 hour drive for Mexico on a Friday night.  We arrived Wed the 16th early am and arranged for Fanny the shuttle to take us to Rio Bravo.  She picked us up at McAllen Airport where we parked for free.  I would highly recommend using Fanny, she is nice polite and knows the language and her way around.  There was another lady who flew in from Florida and they did our surgeries that night.  I wanted to be awake but my husband said no and night night I went.  The "hospital" is very small and clean, easier to check in then Motel here in the states.  

Dr. Levi is awesome and a trip, he will talk about anything and everything to the cost of living down there to his family. The staff can mostly understand you and you can just pick up the phone and tell them you want Fanny or Dr. Levi and they buzz you right through and they will get things done.   Where in the USA can you pick up the phone and ask to speak to your doctor and there he is??

Anyway my hubby was in surgery, took pics and asked questions.  I was left with 7 on left and 3 on right 80-90%chance.  I feel we will be okay.  We went visiting family afterward and I did too much and paid for it but was worth it and would travel to Perez and Levi again.  With Fanny we had no trouble crossing the border but I feel the cost of Mexico insurance and getting lost is worth the $80 to have Fanny shuttle and leave your car in states.

We will stay in touch. Peace God Bless and thanks again RioBravoReversals

John & Shauna Smart

 PS I showered there so did my hubby and felt fine and the water they serve is bottled even in the pitchers.


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