Nikka and Kameron Tillman


March  2005


Tubal reversal  Mar 27, 2005


L: 6cm
R: 6cm



March 2005

Hey everyone! First of all I'd like to say thanks Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi for a wonderful job well done!  I'm still having a hard time believing I went through this! 

Anyways, I had my surgery done on Easter Sunday, a day I will and can't ever forget. Kameron and I decided to take the bus down there because I wanted to do the scenic route and take pictures.  Not!!  The only thing we got out of this was the quality time together (laughing).  It was cheaper though.  Our bus arrived about 8:30 that night, but my surgery wasn't scheduled until Sunday morning.  We waited on Fanny to pick us up from the bus station.   She is such a nice person.  She was talking to me, assuring me everything was going to be alright. When we arrived at the hospital I was surprised, because it didn't look like our hospitals from the outside.  Once we got inside you could tell it was.  Since we got there so late and my surgery wasn't until the next morning, they let us stay overnight. 

The next morning, they came in and gave me some sleepy medicine. The next thing I knew I was being rolled in the operating room. I didn't feel the epidural, catheter, or nothing.  I tell you one thing, the epidural is the best thing next to a bottle of gin (laughing).  So ladies don't be scared.  Other than that, I slept on and off.  I woke up to ask a few questions and to notice Kameron in those nice blue scrubs! I told him to make sure he brought a set home with us (laughing). Everything went well I have to say. I had bad scar tissue on the left tube from previous c-sections.  They removed most of that.  I have 6cm on my left and 6cm on the right with a 80% chance of conceiving!  I was in a little pain after the drugs started wearing off.  The nurses were very nice.  They come in and checked on me frequently.

The next day Dr. Levi came in and gave us our do's and don'ts.  He also sent me home with some pain meds and antibiotics.  Fanny picked us up and drove us back to the bus station.  The ride home was very uncomfortable and painful because of the bumps, noise, and seating.  So, I advise anyone who plans to make this trip, don't go by bus!

The 26th of this month will be two months since my surgery.  I am doing great! I healed up pretty fast!  I went back to work way before I was supposed to, but I took it easy.  I haven't scheduled an HSG yet.  You all have been a blessing to me and Kameron.  If I do become pregnant, it would be his first, and my third.  Yes, I would do it again!  We'll be trying, and we'll be keeping in touch.


Nikka and Kameron


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