Renee' & Joe Wagner

August  2005


Tubal ligation 

July 1991

Tubal reversal

August 6,  2005


Pregnancy #1 m/c

Pregnancy #2 m/c

Pregnancy#3 m/c

July 30. 2009


L&R 7cm

HSG 9-15-06 

Right open Left open slow to spill


Wagner Family w new grandson


 Renee and Joe Wagner

 Dr. Levi, Renee, & Marcos


Dec 2008

Just wanted to update once again, turns out our beautiful gift of life was not to be. We ended up having yet another miscarriage on 12/9. I have faith to believe every thing happens for a reason and our little bean was needed more in heaven with his/her brothers and sisters. I want to again thank everyone there to allow me the ability to say "I am pregnant" however short or long it is to be. I pray one day that we get one that sticks, but if not I can say I am whole again !!

Thank you all
May God Bless You !

November 2008

Just wanted to repost a quick update, as of today 11/26/08 we are 5 weeks pregnant !!! I know that this is extremely early, but to have the blessing at my age to say "I am pregnant" is in itself a accomplishment.. Please pray that our little beans sticks...  Thank you again Dr Levy, and Dr Perez, for making our dreams come true..

EDD 7/30/09

Sept 2006

Hello all !, Just wanted to give you somewhat of an update. Here a year has come and gone and still awaiting the pitter patter of little feet, but we have not given up hope that one day we may be blessed..   Since the year we have taken many turns, and ups and downs.

Last month I had to have surgery to remove a polyp in my uterus, cysts on my ovaries, and a few patches of endometriosis, plus they did a D&C, but hey we have come to far to stop now...We have had at least 2 m/c since the reversal, so yes there is hope..

Now last Friday 9-15-06 I had my HSG done, and long and behold my Right tube was open and the left was kind of slow at spilling out....

My doctor here could not say enough of how well the reversal surgery was done..

Thank you Dr Levy, and Dr Perez for a great job !!!

August 2005

Joe and I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts, for all the kindness that Dr Perez, Dr. Levi and there wonderful staff showed to us.  The Hospital though small, was so very clean, and the nurses, Eve, Nancy Maria, (there are more I am sure, but my mind was kind of fuzzy), did not make you feel any different due to the language barrier, they are compassionate, and carry a smile on there face all the time. I would without a doubt go back in a heartbeat...

We started out on August 6th, out of Indy, flew to Dallas, then connected on a flight going into McAllen, we landed around 11:00 a.m.  Marcus, God love him, he got hung up at the border so he was running a little late, we felt so bad for him... But none the less we were off !!.  We got there around 1:30, I was originally to have my surgery the next morning, but since the other couple was running a tad late, Dr Levi came in and asked if we wanted to go ahead and do it that day.... I said Lord yes, let's do it. I was given a gown, and the IV was put in, then in about 30 mins I was off to the OR..

Once in the OR, everything seemed to go pretty fast, Dr M who put the epidural in, was very kind and assured me everything was going to be okay.  As they put the meds in my IV, I was out, didn't feel a thing. My husband Joe said I would keep asking," does everything look okay", and talked goofy, but heck I don't remember.. I didn't notice the cross in the OR, but after my husband showed my the video he took, there it was, right above the door...

I was taken back to my room, were Joe and I were greeted by Dr Levi a short time later, and said everything looked great... He said I was left with 7cm on my Left and Right side.... Talk about music to our ears :O)

I was released the next day. Marcus to our rescue came and picked us back up, and took us back to our hotel, near the airport..

I am now 6 days post op and besides a few sore spots, I feel great, and would not have changed one single thing... Joe and are so blessed to have found Dr Perez and his staff and would recommend there facility in a heartbeat.. God blessed these fine people with a talent that words can not do justice. Thank you for giving back to me what I lost, and with one day with God's blessing a beautiful gift.

Thank You
May God Bless you and your wonderful family...
Joe and Renee' Wagner

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