Maria & Joel Watson


October 2005


Tubal reversal

Oct. 28, 2005


5 cm right

4 cm left





October 2005

I had my tr on Oct. 28, 2005. We flew into McAllen, TX. where Marcos picked us up and took us over to the hospital. He took the longer way because there was so much construction and cars were backed up and we had to get to the hospital for my surgery. We ended up going through a little town which was a little scary because you see all the poverty. We have never seen this before. They lived in shacks and people just standing on the sides of the street selling whatever. It was really quit an experience.

Well we arrived at the hospital where Marcos helped us sign in and took us to our room to wait for Dr. Levi.  We were so tired from our trip that both my husband and I fell asleep on the couch together. Well Dr. Levi came in with the nurse and I had to get my gown on and then they had me lay in bed and put these green booties on my feet and a hair net, then the iv. I got up and sat in the wheelchair and off we went. I had a hsg done before I had surgery to see where my blockage was (I had a tr done by my local gyn on June 2002 and had 3 tubal pregnancies). So the hsg showed where my blockage was.

We went in for surgery. It was a little scary because everyone is speaking Spanish and I didn't understand a thing they were saying. I must say though that everyone that was in there was so happy and very nice. Dr. Moreno came over to me and asked me to lay on my left side in the fetal position and I said I didn't want to feel the epidural he told me not to worry. I didn't feel a thing. I was awake for the whole surgery except for the last half hour. I was very cold and I was shaking. My husband told me that they gave me sleepy juice cause I was shaking so bad. I woke up as they were transporting me to my room.

Of course I had a million questions at that time and Dr. Levi sat down and talked to me about everything. He explained to me that on my right side they removed the blockage and broke loose adhesions that I had from my previous surgeries. Which left me with 5cm on my right side. My left side was not even attached so he they did some reconstruction on the left side and reattached. I have 4cm on my left side. I was told to wait 2 months and get a hsg done again and I can try to conceive after.

Even though I was very scared about all of this I would definitely do it all again. All of the staffing was wonderful. They are all very nice and go out of there way to accommodate you.

Thank You and God Bless

Maria Watson


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