Donnetta & Glenn Westover


May  2005


Tubal reversal May 21 2005





      May 2005

Wow!! Where do I begin? I have to first thank God for Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi.  They are truly gifted doctors!  The hospital was very clean (they cleaned my room daily) and so peaceful.  The nurses were very polite and aware of what you needed. I have never felt so calm in a hospital setting.

In the surgery room, I kept my eyes on the cross above the door and prayed that God would continue to bless what they do there!! If I had to do this again I would go back without a second thought.  We had a wonderful experience.

I would suggest if you can go to the hospital the night before and take a walk to the corner and watch the cars drive around the “square”.   It’s an amazing event, guaranteed for a chuckle or two.

Our surgery was done on May 21, 2005. I am almost back to my daily routine. After we left the hospital Marcus took us shopping and then to the Hudson House Motel.   I have to admit it was one of the cleanest motels I have stayed in. Marcus is very informed about the area and polite.  He also knows a lot about the surgeries.

I am very blessed to have met the three of them and am eternally grateful for them helping me to become my self again!!  I have prayed all week as to what to say.  I do have to state that since my tubal ligation was done I have had constant pain in my lower right side, which has disappeared since the surgery!

P.S. Have your report and meds ready when you get to the border.

Donnetta and Glenn Westover


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