Kasey Wilcox





February 2005


Tubal ligation

June 2003


Tubal reversal 

Feb 6,  2005


Pregnancy #1 m/c

Pregnancy #2 Twins

It's a Girl!  Aug 25, 06

It's a boy Aug 25, 06

 5 cm right 6cm left



Sept 2005 both tubes open





Isabella Bree Wilcox

I went into preterm labor with my twins at 24 weeks.  4 days later I lost my son, Ace due to this. My daughter Isabella is a sweet heart and making it thru everything. I thank the Dr's there for the chance to have my sweet babies.


Ace Wilcox

Remembering our angel in heaven


Remembering our angel in heaven  

April 2006

Just wanted to let you know. I'm pregnant. With twins!!!  Est due date is Dec 15th! I really don't know much more being so early..:)

~Kasey Wilcox

October 2005

Just wanted to let u know last month I had my HSG and both tubes are wide open!  Doc thinks congestion might have caused the ectopic, but to see both tubes clear on the X-Ray was terrific and I just wanted to let u know..

Hopefully my next email will be a pregnancy Thank!! ~Kasey Wilcox

May 2005

Follow up to my pregnancy...Just wanted to let you know my lil bean was ectopic.  Will be trying again in a few months after an HSG.

May 2005

Today is May 31 2005 and I got a BFP!!  Thank U so much Dr Perez and Levi!
God Bless  ~Kasey

Feb 2005

I left CT for Mexico...and let me tell you I hate flying. I was sooo scared...I was more scared of flying then the surgery itself. But I kept calm and bought some really good earplugs- and that helped soo much!

When I finally reached McAllen Fanny wasn't there- But within 5 min of my arrival she called my cell. (Good cause I wasn't sure I was meeting her in the right place) and she told me she would be 15 min behind because of the border patrol. So I walked outside and saw the first Palm tree I've ever seen in my life.

Fanny came soon enough and I was on my way-Fanny wanted to talk, but I was kind of in my own world so I tried to be polite.  She told me the Dr wanted to do my surgery when I got there, and I'm gonna be honest---I'm the type of person that likes things planned out- But I went along with it.

As soon as I got there they made me change.  The IV went in better than a us nurse...really...I hate IVS but they did it fine.

I was so scared they wheeled me down maybe 2 rooms ( I was in room 1) The epidural took time to work and I was awake the whole time. But I was in good spirits and when I asked why I wasn't sleeping- they said I was strong! LOL I think they meant overweight.  But don't let that scare you- I was fine at this point....I saw the cross in the OR room...as a matter of fact since I was awake thats what I stared at.

They reeled me back when I was done and I was real emotional - I couldn't call my hubby because even though there is a phone in the room you cant use a calling card - or cell so he didn't even know I went early.  But I do not regret it.

I was in pain the next day. As long as you can rest you'll be fine. If I didn't move I felt fine. Flying back was horrible since I had a layover.   I thought I wouldn't make it- my side had hurt sooo much- Wrapping of the abdomen helps soo much I still do it now- though my pain is minimal now.

I do have to say that the only thing I regret is not taking anyone. I was so scared and so afraid. But on a positive note- I did it I'm fine and I'm healthy...I guess that's my disclosure...

Result 5 cm right 6cm left

Kasey Wilcox


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