Zaakira & Hasan Yero


April  2005


Tubal reversal 

Apr 9, 2005


Pregnancy #1 edd

It's a Girl!  6-16-06

Pregnancy #2 edd

24 Dec 2008


7cm both





Aniyah Celine Yero

I would like to announce that my bundle of joy is finally here. She was born June 16, 2006. She weighed 5lbs 1oz and she was 17 inches long. She is such a beautiful baby and I again would like to thank the doctors and their wonderful staff for all they done. God is definitely amazing and he showed me his miracles through the hands of Dr. Perez. My husband and I would like to say thank you again for our miracle. 

Zaakira (Consuelo) & Hasan Yero


September 2008

My name is Consuelo (Zaakira) Yero, my surgery was done 9 April 2005 and I would like to say that I am pregnant with baby #2 and this time it is a boy and he is due 24 Dec 2008. I am so happy and grateful once again for all that was done in order for me to be expressing my happiness. I will send updated news as well as new pictures of my first little miracle who is by the way 2 years old. Thank you again for all you've done.

February 2006

 IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!   We found out on 13 February 2006 that we are expecting a girl.  This is the most exciting news possible considering my husband wanted a boy so bad.  As we sat while the technician was setting up the ultrasound he firmly held on that it was indeed a boy.  I told him from the beginning of this journey that my heart told me this was a girl and I was right.

I am so very excited and would again like to thank the entire staff for all that was done. I have 3 more months left before she will be making her GRAND ENTRANCE.. So be on the look out for more postings..

Zaakira Yero

Nov 2005

It has been a while and I would like to let everyone know that I am pregnant.  I am currently as of today 2 months. I was scheduled to get an HSG done for the month of October and ended up never going. My husband and I have seen the baby heartbeat and everything is looking just great.

I am thankful for all that Dr. Perez and his wonderful staff did for me it has been truly been a blessing. My due date is 27 June 06.

Apr 2005

My name is Zaakira (Consuelo) and I want to say that I had a wonderful experience during my procedure.  Fanny thank you so much for everything!

My husband and I made it Texas at 3:38 where we were met by Fannie.  I had the pleasure of meeting two sisters as well as another couple who had the procedure done the day before.  Dr. Levi came in 30 minutes after our arrival and asked was I ready.  After all the necessary had be done I was off the operating room.  I had 3 small cyst that had to be removed and I ended up with 7 cm right and left. WOW!! I was totally not expecting to hear that good news, but God blessed me. Nurse Maria also took good care of us as well she even took us to the store to help us do some shopping.  The kids were all excited when we had the chance to call them and share the good news with them. I have so much to say but don't want to take up all the time. 

Again the experience was wonderful and if I had to do it all over again I would. I do not regret the decision and I would recommend anyone thinking to do this to try Dr. Perez and his team.  They are EXCELLENT. 

Today it has been almost a week since my surgery and I am feeling great. My incision is healing properly and I am not in too much pain at all.  Again thank you to everyone from the doctors, nurses, Fannie and the support group.  I owe so much to each of you.

One thing that I forgot to mention that I thought was funny was how my husband said that once I woke from the medicine during surgery I was screaming I couldn't feel my legs. Jeeze how embarrassing was that. LOL Thanks so much again!

Hasan and Zaakira (Consuelo) Yero
7cm right and left tube


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