Valerie Lyn Allen


September  2006


Tubal ligation

Tubal reversal   

Sept 10, 2006


Pregnancy #1 edd Sept 10, 2007


one tube


Jan 2007 **EXPECTING**

I am satisfied with every aspect of my visit to Rio Bravo and would recommend them to anyone reading this testimony!!

When I first called to schedule my appointment, I was scared and in a bad way. I had only 5 months to work with during my husbandís down time from deployment to Iraq. I had been scheduled for a reversal at the Naval hospital here in San Diego, but then was removed from the list after my husbandís sperm count upon returning from war in temperatures way over 120 degrees was less than perfect. Go figure. So also I was less than financially prepared. Rio Bravo was affordable even after including my flights, and also quick to schedule me for a procedure regardless of my husbandís test results. So we embarked on the 2 flights out and arrived September 9th,

I arrived early enough to have my surgery the evening before, which I completely appreciate looking back now and taking into consideration how much pain I was in afterwards. I definitely needed the extra recovery time. I was terrified (I always am of any medical procedure) and needed to be put completely under at the last minute, possibly more for everyone elseís sake than mine, for I was crying and making a little scene. The procedure went great and I barely lost any length at all from my one remaining tube. I have an extremely high tolerance to pain meds due to my prior history of pregnancy mishaps and surgeries. I thought this would prove to be a problem; however, the staff had absolutely no problems rushing into my room at all hours of the night to administer help accompanied by smiling faces. I know not one word of Spanish but didnít have a problem communicating at all.

The hospital fed me until I couldnít eat another bite, which sped up my ability to be ready to fly home in time. What sticks out most in my mind about my trip is the attitude of the doctor. He struck me as jovial, enlightening, and compassionate. I do believe I received better and more personal care at Rio Bravo than I ever would have at the Naval hospital. Also following the advice of Naval medical, I had scheduled an appointment for artificial insemination due to their beliefs my husband was inadequate and couldnít conceive naturally. We were scheduled for the very day before he got on the plane for Iraq this month. WELL, 1 week prior to my appointment I called to give them the surprise of their lives (and ours): I was already pregnant! My due date is set for the 1 year anniversary of my tubal reversal.

My words to anyone who may be in a similar situation are-
donít ever believe what numbers and test results say, always ask for a second and third opinion, and most of all, never let anyone regardless of their standing as a medical professional tell you YOU CANíT. Believe in what is meant to happen will happen if you want it to.

Valerie Lyn Allen

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