Crystal and Mayorico Andrade



April 2006


Tubal ligation

Nov 11, 2003

Tubal reversal

Apr 7, 2006


Pregnancy #1  m/c

Pregnancy #2 m/c

Pregnancy #3

It's a Girl!  10/05/07


4 cm each side




Izel Andrade

I had a TR by the wonderful doctors and nurses at the Hospital Americas in Rio Bravo Mexico. We were pregnant in Nov 2006 and again in Dec 2006 but we lost our angels. We found out we were pregnant in February 2007 and we are happy to announce that our daughter arrived on October 5th, 2007 - weighed 7 lb. 2 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long! We named her Izel, which in the language the Mexico Aztecs  used (Nahuatl) means Unique.  We want to thank the wonderful people who made this all possible.  May God Bless the hands and heart of Dr. Perez and his staff!


March 2007

We had a MC 11/2006 and then again a MC 12/2006.  We went to the Dr. on 03/01/07 and we found out we are 7 weeks pregnant.  We are due on 10/10/07. We wan to Thank you so much for making this possible! 

May God Bless you all.
Crystal Andrade

November 2006

I wrote about our positive Pregnancy test.  We went to the ER and were told we had an early miscarriage.  So Sad!

Crystal 11/06/06
PT 11/03/06
TR 04/07/06
TL 11/11/03

November 2006 

My Name is Crystal Andrade from Texas.  My husband and I went to Dr. Perez to have our TR on April 7, 2006!   Note my tubes were burned from the TL.  We are Happy to say we got a Positive Home Pregnancy test yesterday!  We are calling our OB on Monday to get confirmed.  We are 4 weeks pregnant!  due July 9th, 2007!

A million Thanks to all who made this possible!

April 2006

My Husband and I had a TL in 2003. We had our TR with Dr. Perez on April 7th, 2006. Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi were wonderful! They even removed a cyst I had. We left our home in North East Texas around 9:48 pm on April 6th. My husband and I took turns driving only stopping for gas/bathroom. We arrived at the border of Texas/ Mexico about 6:50 am Friday. We counted the lights starting with the one that said centre Rio Bravo but some how the counting the lights did not work out. So my husband asked and the people where friendly and knew just where to go.  Everyone knew where it was! 

We arrived at the hospital about 7:15 am.  My husband said should we go in and if they where open. So we did and a nurse led us to the back nurses station to fill out papers. Then they put us in room # 3 and gave us a towel gown soap and shampoo.  I took a shower and while my husband showered the nurse came to put my IV in.  Her name was Laura.  Then she left and came back in 5 mins with a wheel chair and said they where ready!  I thought it was going to be done in the pm but I was happy to get it over with.

The operation was supposed to be 1 hour and a half but it took them 3 hours for they also removed a Cyst I had. They also said my uterus was all the was on my right and not in the middle where it is supposed to be. I was scared when they asked my husband if I have my periods because they did not see the uterus right away. They told me that they had to make my incision larger to get access to my uterus. I looked at it and it is only about 3 inches a lot smaller than my C-sections. Today is day 5 and I feel I am doing ok.

We did not need extra pain meds. So the Dr. let us go home on Saturday around 11 am and we arrived at our home at about 9:30 pm

God Bless all!

Thanks to BA I found a wonderful Dr. Hope to announce a pregnancy soon!

We have 4 cm on each side. 



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