Shelley Bettis



August  2006


Tubal reversal

August 11, 2006


Pregnancy #1

It's a Boy! July 11, 08





James Hugh Bettis

I gave birth to a healthy baby boy July 11,2008 less than two years after my tubal reversal. I lost my father in march to cancer and to honor his memory I named my son ''James Hugh Bettis the 3rd'' we call him ''Jesse'' for short.

I can not thank dr. Perez and dr. Levi enough for restoring my fertility, these doctors have been giving a gift from god, and my newborn son is living proof of that. I am eternally grateful.


January 2008

I had my tubal reversal August 11, 2006 and I am happy to report I am now 14 weeks pregnant and everything is looking great. Dr. levi and Dr. Perez not only made a miracle happen but this child soon will make a miracle happen as well; my father is dying of cancer but there is hope,when my baby is born the doctors will use the stem cell blood from the umbillical cord to help fight the cancer off.

I thank God for Dr. Roberto Perez and Dr. Levi Diaz.  They not only restored my body/fertility but because of them my father has a good chance of surving his cancer with the birth of this child. I  will be 36 years of age when my baby is born,miracles can happen no matter what your age is.

Shelley Bettis

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