Christine & Richard Blanchard


March 2006


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal

Mar 24, 2006


Pregnancy #1 edd February 11, 07


2 cm right

0 cm left (no tube)




June 2006

We would like to let everyone know that even with 2cms and only one tube that GOD does Bless and answer prayers I am OVERJOYED to announce that I am PREGNANT!!!! PRAISE BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!!! 

My unofficial due date is February 11,2007 as soon as I get into the Dr for a test and Ultrasound I will update some more. Ladies who are discouraged with TTC please do not give up God in his time will bless you all. Keep the faith and never give up!!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

Christine and Richard Blanchard

April 2006

Hello my name is Christine Blanchard I had a Tubal Ligation in 2001 after the birth of my 4th son. Back in September of 2005 I started researching Tubal Reversals and of course the money issue kept popping up with the Dr's here in the states and I thought it was hopeless. Then I found Dr Perez and read as much as I could up until February of this year. I then decided to make our appointment. I was happy as can be.

So We started out on March 23rd 2006 to drive to McAllen Texas. I was so excited I could not wait to get there so I drove from Illinois to Austin Texas and my husband Richard drove from Austin to McAllen. We arrived in McAllen at 12:20p.m. on March 24th and met Marcos and some of the other girls that were scheduled the same day as I. I met Shelly Sharp and her mother, I also met Ronda and her friend Sue.  That was great we were able to take pictures and exchange addresses and phone numbers so we can stay in touch.  So we headed out to Mexico and we got to the hospital about 1:45 we waited in the lobby for Marcos to get all of our paperwork and put us in our rooms.  My DH and I were in room 7,it was nice. Then Marcos asked me if I wanted to go first and since we drove for over 24 hours I was so ready to get it on the move so I could relax and sleep. 

So I went first and a nurse came in and told me to change into a gown and I did. Then Juan came in a little bit later to put my I.V in not too bad he got it in 2 tries and that is not like here in the states it takes them anywhere from 10-20 minutes to find a vein.  So then 5 minutes later I was wheeled into the OR by another nurse and was asked to get on top of the table well I had to climb the table is to high for someone who is close to the ground :).   Dr Moreno asked me to get into the fetal position and next thing I know I was sleeping for all of 10-20 minutes.  Then woke up. I woke up while they were repairing my right tube which my U.S obgyn took over 8 cms off during my TL and left me with only 2 cms.  Then they were trying to repair my left tube which they couldn't repair because again my dr took the whole tube out. So after surgery I went to my room and tried to sleep, which did not work as well I thought it would.

Around 10 am I was ready to get a shower and start walking, about 10:30 they came and took out my catheter and I still had the i.v in until 11.  I took a shower and when I was done my lunch was waiting for me and my DH.  The food was delicious and the hospital was so clean better than the states.  By 4:00 p.m. Saturday the 25th we were on our way to the airport.  We actually went to Rio Bravo to do a little shopping and then we were on our way.

Crossing the border was no big deal. I would recommend Marcos hands down he was great. The food was wonderful and the staff were great. I would do it over again if I could.

Right now I am not sure of what God has planned for us with trying to have a baby we just have to have faith and believe that our time will come when it is possible. We were not given a percentage but I think it is because of the fact that Dr Levi does not want to get our hopes up just in case it does not happen.  But I believe it will.

If you have your doubts about going to Mexico do not! They are better than our Dr's here in the states and God would not steer you in the wrong direction. Trust him and he will take care of you all the way!!!

In His Grip
Christine Blanchard
TL- 3/10/2001

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