Emilee Brown


March 2006


Tubal ligation

Jun 15, 2004

Tubal reversal

 Oct 3, 2006


Pregnancy #1 edd March 30, 2007


6 cm left 7 cm right


November 2006

My name is Emilee Brown and my tubal ligation was done 6-15-04 and my tubal reversal on 10-03-06. Since my reversal surgery was scheduled early in the morning on the 3rd of October, I left my home in Arkansas on September 30. My parents were so sweet to accompany me, as my loving Jose wasn't able to come with me.

We arrived in McAllen approximately 2a.m. October 1 and checked in a motel. I requested a wake-up call for 9a.m., which we then showered and ate a quick breakfast. I called Marcos at 10a.m. and told him where we were and he told me he would be sending another driver and they would arrive in about an hour. We were met by Dr. Levi's wife and her mother. We followed them to the airport where we left our car. Our ride to Rio Bravo was extremely nice. Dr. Levi's wife called him and he instructed her to take us to the La Mansion Hotel, since my surgery would be in the morning. We checked in with help from Dr. Levi's wife, and we settled in for the night. I must say that we found the hotel to be more than nice and the hotel restaurant served delicious food. ( I made Jose promise to take me back)

We were picked us up the next morning and taken to the hospital and checked in. My surgery was performed by angels of God. That is the best way I know to describe Dr. Perez's team. They are certainly on a mission for God to put broken bodies back together. My tube lengths are 6cm on my left and 7cm on my right. I was told everything went well and looked good and it was now in the hands of God and my Jose. I am so thankful to God for leading me to Dr. Perez's website and for my journey to Mexico.

I was released the next day and my parents and I were driven back to McAllen by Dr. Levi's wife and her mother. They were both so helpful and sweet. We were dropped off at our car and we were then back on the road to Arkansas. My recovery went well and I was back to my routine in a few days. I also removed my stitches myself. We are all now praying and waiting for our miracle from God.

For anyone who is seeking information and a doctor for a reversal, look no further, for you won't be disappointed. Everything you could possibly be looking for is here. Knowledge, Skill, Care (both surgeon and hospital staff) and Cost. I would do it again in a minute.

My sincere thanks to all at Hospital De Las Americas.



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