Ronda & Jay Brown


March 2006


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal

Mar 25, 2006


Left ~ 5cm

Right ~ 6cm




April 2006

Well, we had met Shelly and her Mom in Atlanta and they sat right behind us on the plane to McAllen. We came into McAllen about 12:45pm. Unfortunately, I started feeling really sick on the plane and had to eat some crackers. The landing was awful, and really made me feel more sick. Christine and her husband Rick met us at the airport, along with Marcos. Everyone was so great. I felt so sick from the plane, and had to make Marcos stop at a bathroom before we got to Mexico, just to give me a few minutes to feel better. When we got to the hospital, we were all checked in, but I knew I couldn't have my surgery that day as I had eaten on the plane, so I was told I could eat more and would have my surgery on Saturday. Christine and Shelly were prepped and were off to have their surgeries. My friend and I were able to sit outside for awhile and enjoy the nice weather (its in the 30's & 40's here in Iowa) The food they brought us for dinner was great.

Saturday morning came along and I was prepped for surgery. I don't remember a lot of it, but one of the staff did go get my camera for me and took some pictures. I remember asking someone how it was going, and was told "See you in the delivery room" which made me feel so good. It was also good to know that what was on my TL report was exactly what they found inside. I had fallope rings with my TL and I was worried that they might have found I was cut & burned & cut & burned. I was told I have 5cm on the left and 6cm on the right.

I got out of surgery about 10:30am. Unfortunately, after awhile my friend went out to have a cig, and the door was shut, so I felt abandoned, lol, and as I couldn't move my legs I was really getting claustrophobic. She finally came back after spending some time talking.  Around 1pm my legs finally had the feeling back. I felt really good, and had no pain. I was only able to have Jell-O right after, but was able to have a meal by dinner time. By that night I wanted to get up, but they wouldn't let me yet, not until Sunday morning. When they finally did unhook me about 5am, I was up and out of bed, and ready to go.

We had to wait till about 10 for Marcos. He brought us and Tia and her hubby back to the US, and then we had him take us to the Hotel chain that my friend works for and then he was off to drop Tia and her hubby at a different one.  We took the hotel shuttle to the mall later that night and was able to get a few souvenirs. Monday morning bright and early we had to get to the airport, and met Shelly and her mom, and Tia and her hubby as we were all on the same flight back to Atlanta.  Honestly, I think I felt better than anyone else, but I think I have a very high pain tolerance.  When we got to Atlanta I guess you would have laughed at all of us, because when we came in off the plane, we all saw we had to walk up a flight of stairs to get to the terminal. We then all went to different terminals for our next plane. After Atlanta we went to Cincinnati, and then on to Des Moines. All the walking was a little hard, so I came home and crashed on my bed.

I still feel really good, but wasn't up to sitting and writing a lot until now. My hubby really missed me, but the kids went off to play games when I got home, which didn't make me feel missed, lol.
Anyway I wanted to get this wrote, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.




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