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August 2006


Tubal reversal

Aug 4, 2006


Pregnancy #1  mc





Jan 2009

Cindy Bryan (now Lopez as you know) surgery date 8-4-2006, need to add angel in Heaven Nov 2006.

August 2006

I am now 1 week post op and doing great! This has definitely been a lot easier than what I was expecting. 

"las tres amigos"   Me, my daughter, and my bf Teresa left La on 8-3-06 @ 5pm. We of course had to make that last-minute-need-anything stop at Wal-Mart on the way out of town!  Then we were on the road. We stopped for what was my "last supper" around 8pm. I drove for the first 6 or 7 hours, then turned the wheel over to my daughter and navigation over to Teresa. We arrived in McAllen around 7am, then called Marcos. Amir (backup driver) showed up around 9:30 to pick us up. He told me I would be able to have my surgery today instead of Saturday. Yipee!

"the hospital"     We were at the hospital by 10:30 and started getting everything prepared. The talk with Dr. Levi calmed & reassured my 2 nervous companions of my safety. They wheeled me off to surgery around 2pm and by 4pm I was back. I don't remember much of the surgery. Dr. Moreno mercifully scratched my nose for me a few times and they were quick to respond to my "feeling" a little too much. I loved the fact they were listening to a local Latin pop station. And when my favorite song by Camilla came on (Abrazame) I tried to sing along! LOL *note (I have a top plate {long story} that had to be left out for surgery so much of my speech was unintelligible!) The only thing I wish is that I could have watched the surgery. But of course I couldn't have seen it anyway without my contacts!

"after surgery"    Well, the first thing I wanted to know was "when can I eat!" The girls had ventured a few blocks away to Subway & brought back food! I admit I did pick bread from the sandwich because I was starving! Dr. Levi shook his finger at me and gave me the locked up bowel speech, so nothing but liquids thereafter. I have never had an epidural or a Foley catheter before. I can't say that I liked the sensation of not feeling my legs! Teresa was sweet and rubbed my feet and legs as the feeling started coming back. My night nurses were wonderful (Jorge & Maria). By 5 am I was chomping at the bit! I am a morning person. I got up and plugged my hospital bed back in and removed my phone charger trying not to wake the girls. Mmmmh! pancakes for breakfast! Then my day nurse Juan came in and started taking everything out so I could take a shower. I was up and dressed after my shower. I would like to note a special thanks to Marta who was wonderful both days making sure we were all fed and taken care of! Dr. Levi stopped by to check me out, pay my bill, etc..& said I could go walking if I felt like it after they wrapped me! Whoopee!

"Recovery"   So, less than 24 hours after surgery, I was walking around Rio Bravo! We found a coffee cafe and I had the best Oreo cookie shake ever! They spoke no English, but my Spanish was sufficient & they were very nice. We then took off to Subway as my daughter is now addicted to Manzita Sol! LOL (She bought 2 2L bottles at the store and still will not share them!) We didn't make it around town because we thought we had to be back for Amir to take us back to the states around 4pm.  But it wasn't until 7 or 7:30pm. I walked outside around the hospital several times. It was very nice.  Amir kindly stopped by the taco stand for us! I had been craving tacos for 2 days! There was no line at the border & we were back to our car and headed home.  I slept in the back seat most of the way home.  We stopped by IHOP and ate before finally getting home!

"At Home"   This week has been really great! I have had very little pain unless I coughed or sneezed. But I have taken it easy! Jose and I would like to thank everyone at Rio Bravo for making this opportunity possible.

I am now actually 2 weeks post op today! I am doing great! But still minding my "p's" & "q's". Good Luck to all!

Cindy Bryan
TR: 8-4-2006


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