Kimberly & Kevin Carpenter

West Virginia


May 2006


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal

May 13, 2006


5cm each



2/6/07 right tube open; left possibly blocked




May 2006

Hi. I'm Kim (34) & I've been married to Kevin (36) for almost 14 yrs. I had a tubal ligation via a modified Parkland technique back in 2000 after the birth of our third child. We went to Rio Bravo for my tubal reversal surgery on May 13, 2006. Although it was my first time flying, our trip there went off without a hitch. Marcos picked us and another couple up at the airport on Friday afternoon. They weren't able to get to me that evening for surgery so we were brought dinner in our room instead! I was glad since I hadn't eaten all day.

The next morning around 6am, two nurses came and put my iv in. I'm a tough stick, and it did take 2 tries, but they were successful with minimal pain. Shortly after, they brought Kevin in some breakfast. Around 8:45, a nurse came in and put a cap on my head and booties on my feet, and wheeled me down the hall to the OR in a wheelchair. I climbed on the table, Dr. Moreno came in and told me to roll over on my side for the epidural, and I didn't even feel the stick! I was in & out during surgery, and once, I even told my husband he was "cute". He said I was quite comical, but I really don't remember. At one time, I do recall feeling a lot of pressure, so I moaned a bit. Dr. Moreno did something and I was out snoring within seconds. (per my husband!)

My reversal was successful, and I ended up with 5cm on each side. We hope to add another child to our family very soon. We had a very pleasant experience in MX and would do it over again without hesitation. We were treated with respect and generosity, and I've made the comment often that it was as if we were their only guests! The hospital was very clean, the staff more than capable, and the language barrier posed no problems for us whatsoever.

Our trip back on Sunday was a different story. We were in line at the border about 1 1/2 hrs, and then our flight in McAllen was delayed because of power outages from a storm in Houston. Later we found out there was also failure of the backup power and a fire in a control tower! We finally got into Houston, but missed our connecting flight to Baltimore-Washington! Continental had no available flights until Tuesday! We ended up flying into Washington-Dulles instead, and taking a taxi back to BWI to pick up our vehicle. It was 4am before we were on the road for home in WV! 6hrs later we were home & I was in bed resting. I don't think I'll be flying again any time soon!

I am now one week post-op and doing well. I will update again if/when we get a + HPT. We were told no trying to conceive for 2 - 3 mos. I was given Prodolina for pain and the antibiotic Ampicillin.

Thank you for letting me share my story,

Kim Carpenter


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