Melanie Castillo


January 2006


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal

Jan 7, 2006


4-5 cm both




January 2006

Hello I will try not to make this so long, my name is Melanie Castillo I from Texas.   I had a TL in 1997 after the birth of my daughter. I have three kids two boys one is 14 and the other is 12, my daughter is 9. My new husband and I just got married in June of last year. We have been together for three wonderful years.

We have been looking on different web-sites for TR and came along Dr. Perez. We were kind of iffy about going to Mexico, but we went on are gut feelings.  The trip was great not what I thought it was going to be!  I made my deposit in November 2005, scheduled my TR for January 7th 2006. We drove up to lost... finally made to Rio Bravo. Our best friend and her boyfriend came along with us. he knows Spanish so that helped out a lot. We got to the hospital around 6pm, they were packed I was put in room 9.  The air was not on but at that time it did not bother me as bad. Dr Levi came in asked a couple of questions, very short and to the point. He said I would be in surgery in the morning. I then asked if I could leave to go eat. He said yes but to be back in the morning at 5am. 

We stayed at La Mansion it was very nice. We get to the hospital at 5am a nurse came in to put in the IV...okay she couldn't get it bless her hurt a little, a few hours later another young lady came in she got it one her first try. I told her that my period came in that morning, she said that was no problem.. just to take every thing off..okay thinking to myself gross.  Then they came in and wheeled me into the OR. I did not however get to see the cross above the or door.   Dr. Moreno came in talked me through the epidural...I felt a little jumpy and then that's when the sleepy meds kicked in. I was awake at the end of the surgery.  I felt a lot of pulling and pressure.  Dr. Perez removed a cyst from my right ovary...that my ob/gyn said was gone as of last year. It was the size of an egg, but looked like a giant bean. I was left with 4-5 cm on both sides.

After surgery I was in pain and believe me the nurse took very good care of me. Later that night around 9pm. Dr. Levi came in w/his fiancée very nice lady. I told him that my air condition was not working I had the window open but that was not working for me. He then moved my husband and I to room 1 it was very nice. That Sunday at noon we left. I am now 6 days post op and feeling great. Dr Levi did suggest that I get a HSG test in 2 months, then we could start TTC :)

Dr. Levi was great and very down to earth I would do it all over again in a heart beat! He said it is all up to my husband now. The trip the food and the staff was great to us. 

We just want to say thanks to Dr. Perez, and Dr. Levi and to the staff - we love you! I know I was a pain but they took very good care of me. We would do it again.

I will keep every one posted in my journey.....

Love the Castillo's

TR 01-07-06 4-5 cm left/right

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