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Surgery Date 5/18/06
Tube lengths L R
Pregnancy 1 It's a boy!
Pregnancy 2 triplets!  edd 3/10/10
Pregnancy 3





Aug 2009

Well we had a baby boy, Oliver, April 20, 2008. He is now 16 months old and doing well. We wanted to try for a baby girl in the next few years. July 4th weekend we got a surprise. We discovered we were pregnant again. I went to the doctor at the end of July for my first prenatal visit and was measuring bigger than I should so they did an ultra sound to date the pregnancy.

Well the dates were right, they just saw two babies not one. At the end of August, when I was 12 weeks pregnant, we went for the genetic sequencing ultrasound, to determine risk for defects. There was yet another surprise. It is not twins, it is triplets.  I am almost 14 weeks pregnant with spontaneous triplets. I look about 6 months pregnant and know I am going to get much bigger. The babies are measuring a week ahead of their due date and look great. I am due on March 10, 2010 but the hope is to make it to 32 weeks. If I can make it longer that would be great. Anyway, I am told that this is probably because of my age, almost 38, and the amount of pregnancies I have had.

We are thrilled, although scared and overwhelmed, all at the same time. We do not know what to expect but have had many people tell us that we would not have been blessed with three if we could not handle this. We hope that this is so. I will keep you updated on the birth and their progress.

Thank you for everything!!!!


Oliver Coplin

born April 20, 2008

January  2008

I am happy to report that I am now 24 weeks along. We discovered on December 18th that it is a BOY!!! We will be calling him Oliver Gage Coplin. I have developed gestational diabetes, not a surprise due to Type II diabetes in my history.  I am on minimal medication for it and all the ultra sounds have shown a completely average sized baby. I have been tested for chromosomal defects due to my age (36) and all have come back with extremely low risk. I had an ultra sound last week to check for defects in the heart and my baby boy is perfect. I will update when we have delivered in 4 more months :).

September 2007

On May 18, 2006 my husband Bill and I flew from Oakland, CA to McAllen and spent the night in Texas. Friday morning we were picked up and driven to the clinic for surgery. I was too heavy to have an epidural so ended up being put under. I remember waiting up a little from pain when they were moving me from the gurney to my hospital bed. Apparently I did quite a bit of yelling while they were moving me but I do not remember it. We flew home on Sunday and I healed up well. I had no real scar, in fact the C-section scar that they had cut into pretty much disappeared which was amazing.

We waited our three months before we started to try to conceive. We were to try in September of 2006. In September I began having some health issues that ended up being high blood pressure and some kidney problems due to my Type II diabetes. I was told I was absolutely not to get pregnant so we were not able to try.  In December I discovered that my insurance covered gastric bypass surgery. I had the gastric bypass on March 20, 2007. I lost 116 lbs by 6 months out. I was off of insulin from the day I left the hospital and all of my other side effects have gone also. Unfortunately they do not want a patient to get pregnant for 18 - 24 months after surgery so we did not plan to try again for at least another year. September 1st I realized that I was due for my period and yet was having NONE of my usual symptoms. I sent Bill for a pregnancy test which came up positive. We were shocked.

We were on vacation at the time and it was Labor Day weekend so we were just going to have to wait. When we got home on the 4th my husband went and got another pregnancy test which was also positive. The next morning I called and made a doctor's appointment. The doctor wanted me to immediately have an ultra sound to check for an ectopic pregnancy. I went that afternoon but it was so early the technician said nothing other than there was something in the uterus and something by my ovary but would not say that either of them were pregnancies.

Tuesday morning my doctor called and told me that my hCG level had been 1600 on Friday and 4800 on Monday but he gave me 75% chance or higher of having an ectopic pregnancy. I was mortified. He wanted me to come that night and "let him take care of it". I said no that I would wait. He was not happy about me taking such a risk but said it was my decision.

I went in again on Thursday for another ultra sound. Yet again it was inconclusive and I was told that I would have to come back in a week. My hCG level on that Friday was over 14,000 which my nurse told me was excellent and not indicative for an ectopic pregnancy. This morning I had my third ultrasound and have some wonderful pictures of a baby and its heartbeat in my uterus. The "sac" that was by my ovary has become irregular shaped and I was told it was most likely a cyst that is now dissolving which is why it is no longer round. There is no heartbeat, fetal pole or yolk sac by the ovary and so I am due May 7, 2008 with a good healthy baby growing where it should be.

I was amazed to discover I was pregnant when we were not trying to conceive and am greatly relieved and ecstatic to discover that everything is as it should be. I will let you know when we discover whether it is a boy or a girl.

Thank you all at the clinic for everything!!

Heather and Bill Coplin


Oliver Coplin


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