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Surgery Date 2/24/06
Tube lengths L 5 R 5
Preg 1 It's a Girl! 5/2007
Preg 2 mc
Preg 3

It's a Boy! 7/2009

Preg 4




Welcome John Patrick

born July 2009. Again we thank Dr. Perez and everyone at the hospital for making it possible to complete our family.

Dec 2008

Well, we're going for #2 again...I am 8 weeks pregnant and had an u/s and everything is looking great this time! Our new baby is due July 19, 2009...:)

Sept 2007

Just an update. We are expecting our second tr baby May 8th 2008! We will keep you updated.

Welcome Miranda

born at 10:10p.m. on May 2007. Her father and I thank Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi for our beautiful new daughter together. This is my husband's very first and he would not have had the experience of being a Dad without them.  Thank You!!!

October 2006

We had an u/s and our baby is in the right spot and we have a heartbeat!!!

Thanks again Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi!!!

Sept 2006

GUESS WHAT??? I won't be needing IVF!!! I just found out I am pregnant! I should have had more faith!! Well, it's September 24th 2006, and I am so very happy to say we are pregnant! I go to the Dr. tomorrow for my first blood draw. I never really thought it would happen for us, but it did!!! Dr. Perez in my opinion is the best TR surgeon there is. Just look at all the baby rattles on the testimony page!!! I will keep you updated when we find out everything is okay.

Dr. Perez,  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! Thank you, God Bless you and the Dr.'s and please Pray that everything is where it should be!!!

Love you, keep up the work you do!!!

Amy Curry
TR 2/24/06

March 2006

Here is our trip to Rio Bravo:

Our plane left at 6:25 a.m. on Friday the 24th. We had to change planes in Houston, and it was on to Harlingen. I had never been on a plane before, and it was an experience. We arrived at Harlingen airport on time at 10:20 a.m., and we were suppose to meet Marcos in the lobby. He wasn't there. IMPORTANT: TAKE A CELL PHONE OR BUY A CALLING CARD BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!!  Maybe we are the only people without a cell phone in all of America, but if there are any others this is very important. We could not call Marcos because his cell was long distance, the pay phones do NOT let you put extra change in for long distance anymore, the AIRPORT WAS TOTALLY OUT OF CALLING CARDS!!!  We had no way of finding out where Marcos was. Finally, we borrowed a cell phone from a cab driver who took pity on us and left a message.  Another hour passed, nothing, the same cab driver came back over to us and asked if we wanted to use the cell phone again. We did, Marcos answered this time, apparently another couple's plane had been delayed, which is understandable, but without a phone, we didn't know.  So 3 hours later Marcos picked us up.

That was our only challenge during our trip. Once Marcos arrived, he was very, very nice. He asked if I had eaten anything and that I might have surgery that night instead. (Friday) I said no, and I would love to get it done today.  We drove to the hospital, and Marcos helped us with the paper work and we were put in room # 1. We got there at 3:00, and at around 5:00 they told us we would have surgery that night.

A nurse Jorge(?) Came in and took blood and started my I.V. About 8:00p.m. he came back and wheeled me to the O.R. When we were being wheeled into the o.r., I saw Dr. Perez, and just got a chance to say hi. I got up on the table and Dr. Moreno, the anesthesiologist, had me curl up on my side and put in the epidural, didn't hurt a bit. Then he gave me some medicine that made me relax. Another nurse put in the catheter, I knew she was doing it, but felt nothing at this point. After that my husband was right by me in his scrubs. I was semi awake, I remember saying to hubby, how long have we been doing this? And he told me a little over an hour. We were on the second tube. I remember asking the Doc's how did it look in there? And they told me everything looked fine. After awhile I heard Dr. Perez say 5 on both sides. So that was what I wanted to hear. Then Hubby says Dr. Levi sewed me up and they transferred me to my room.

I did sort of freak out that I could not feel my legs or move them at all, I don't know why though because I had an epidural with my tubal ligation, so I knew what to expect, maybe it was just because I was spaced out.

I went to sleep and woke up in a lot less pain than I thought that I would have. The only pain I really felt was getting up and down. About 3:00 p.m. Marcos came in and we had a choice whether to stay at the hospital or to go back over to Harlingen and get a hotel close to the airport. Well we wanted to shop in Progresso, so Marcos dropped us off in Progresso while he took another couple to the airport.

We shopped and had a lot of fun. We just had to walk slower than normal, there wasn't really any pain. After Progresso, we walked across the border and met Marcos on the American side, so we could avoid the traffic waiting to come across the border. Marcos took us to our hotel, we stayed at Comfort Inn in Harlingen, we ordered Pizza to the room for dinner.

The next day we took a cab to the airport and headed home.

We had a really neat experience, everyone was very nice and accommodating to us. We didn't have a communication problem, we had no need of the note cards at all.

My husband wanted me to mention the staff at the hospital went out of their way, and when we first got there, they cooked him dinner and he thought that was very sweet to go out of her way for him.  Dr Levi was very nice and helpful too.

We were very pleased with our decision. My hubby was kind of nervous about the whole Mexico thing, but now he would recommend it to anyone that was in our situation.

Thanks to everyone there they are first class!!!