Annette Ellison



May 2006


Tubal reversal   

May 26, 2006


5cm  right

3cm left




June 2006

Hi Everyone! My name is Annette. I had my tubal reversal done by these wonderful doctors on May 26, 2006.

My DH, Steve, and I drove from Florida and arrived at McAllen Airport at 3:30 that Friday. We called Marcos to let him know we had arrived and he met us there about a half an hour later. Even if you are driving in, I recommend Marcos. He got us through the border in no time and had us to the hospital within 30 minutes of picking us up. He let the staff know that we had arrived and made sure we were ok before he left the hospital. He made it so easy! Dr. Levi came out to talk to us within minutes of arriving. We were in the lobby waiting with another young lady and her friend who Marcos had picked up at the airport with us. Dr. Levi explained that they were full but had room for one person and possibly had another room opening later that night. I had not eaten since the night before, so he told my husband and I that we would get the open room and that I could have the surgery done at 9:00 that night instead of the next morning (which is when I was scheduled).

We were escorted to our room, where within a few minutes I was greeted by one of the very friendly nurses and told to change into a gown. Dr. Levi came in about an hour later, took my information and explained about the surgery and post-op. By 7:30 the nurse had come in and put in my IV....she got it on the first try!!! I was getting nervous because I fear pain. Steve was served dinner, and then we watched tv. Before we knew it, it was 8:45 and they were prepping me for surgery! The nurse came in and put booties and a hat on me and I was wheeled into the surgery room. The anesthesiologist was great! He listened to my concerns about pain and assured me that I wouldn't feel anything during surgery and probably would feel more sore than anything afterward. Within a few minutes I felt myself going under (apparently I'm sensitive to medications). Steve was suited up in surgical garb and allowed to come in the room with me. I remember two things from the surgery....seeing Steve sitting in the chair next to me waiting for surgery to begin and waking up shaking uncontrollably. I had some sort of weird reaction to the epidural and I remember begging the doctors to knock me out. The other ladies who were in the hospital with me that weekend did beautifully with just an epidural. The next thing I remember is waking up in my room, bandaged, a little sore and very was about 2:00 am. Steve was sitting by my side. My reaction to the epidural apparently scared the wits out of him and he couldn't sleep until he knew I was ok.

The next day, after the IV and the catheter were removed, I was allowed to get up and take a shower...which felt great! The hardest part for me was getting past the psychological fear of the pain (which I had a lot of after my c-section but not after my TR). Once I sat up and realized that I was just sore it was much easier. Some of the ladies that I had gotten to know on the website came to see me....Cynthia, Ginnie, Ares, Misty, & Terrie...all wonderful ladies. I had a headache from the reaction I had from the epidural and didn't get to walk as much as everyone else. I found it easier just to lay down (the headache went away when I laid flat). Dr. Levi came in to check on me and told me that the headache happened sometimes and that I should just lay as flat as possible when I could. He also told me that my tubes had been clamped and burned....which I didn't know. He assured me that although I only had 3 cm on the left and 5 cm on the right, I had a good chance of getting pregnant. I was released from the hospital by 4:00 on Saturday afternoon. Marcos took us back across the border, which, again, took no time at all really. Once I got in our car, I slept most of the drive home. Steve drove almost straight through because he wanted to get me into my own bed to recuperate as quickly as possible.

My first few days post-op were pretty much spent laying in bed, but I knew how important it was to get up and walk, so I walked as much as I could tolerate. I am several days post-op now and feeling great! I am looking forward to the two months being over so Steve and I can begin TTC.

For those of you thinking of going, it is a great experience. The hospital is extremely clean (I constantly saw cleaning people), the staff is great, and the doctors are phenomenal! 

Annette Ellison

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