Amy Findlay Morales

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State Missouri
Surgery Date 5/05/06
Sterilized 10/97
Tube lengths L 7 R 7
Pregnancy 1 mc
Pregnancy 2 mc
Pregnancy 3 mc
Pregnancy 4 It's a girl! 10/25/07




Mar 2009

Now, I am Amy Morales married June 2, 2006.

Well, it all started in 2005. We were thinking about getting my tubes untied. Wow!! What an endeavor. I was working with KU.  But, what a hassle. and what a cost!! We had done all the tests required. They agreed that it was feasible to untie my tubes. It should be successful. I am 38 years old at this point. The scheduling just never seemed to happen. I spoke with one of our neighbors who had had her tubes tied. She unfortunately had several miscarriages. She untied her tubes in Mexico!!

I found the website and followed the instructions. EASY!!! I will advise anyone just follow the directions. They have taken all the trouble out of this!! Use their taxi! It may seem expensive, but really it isn't!! I have traveled internationally. You can trust them. It is worth the $$ spent!!

On Thursday, May 4th, I got to the hospital in the PM, and had surgery Friday midday. The surgery was a success. I had 7 CM of tubes left. That is pretty good, I am told. I won't kid anyone I was sore, but I was on a plane back home by Sunday.  Working Monday morning....I should have waited, but I'm still alive to tell about it. T he hospital staff was very helpful, very nice and the facilities where A+. You can trust their abilities.

We got married June 2006. We started trying to get pregnant mid October 2006. There were three miscarriages. November, December, and January. Then in late January 2007 we conceived. The pregnancy was normal. I did developed some high blood pressure, but other than that all was normal.  Labor was started and 14 hours and some odd minutes later

Elida Victoria Morales

was born in Kansas City, Missouri on October 25, 2007 9:24 PM 7 lbs 6 oz. A Very happy little girl!! We were so excited. Thing were a little touch and go for me. The placenta did not let go. This created a bit of a scare. They did the best they could to clean in out. I ended up having surgery in April 2008. My tubes where tied again. I am now, 42 years old. I have five children, Ken 21, Kirk 18, Robert 15, Elizabeth 12 and Elida 16 months. And one granddaughter who is 4 years old. We are all doing very well. To all the ladies that were there with me in May 2006 - Thank you for your support and prayers. Ours go out to you, too.

Thank you for reading my story. The Lord has blessed us very very much!!!!  Attached are a few photos of Elida!!!
THANKS to all that made her possible!!!


Elida Victoria Morales


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