Carrie and Keith Flanery


April 2006


Tubal reversal

April 1, 2006


Pregnancy #1

It's a Girl! July 06, 07


3-4 cm both sides


 HSG 8/2006 - Both tubes  wide open




Alayna Lenorah Flanery

Born July 6th, 2007. She was 7lbs 12oz. and 21 inches long. We are soo excited and blessed. Dr. Perez made it possible for us.


November 2006

We flew in from Detroit Michigan on Friday March 31st. Marcos was just wonderful with meeting us really late that night. He took us to a hotel room. There wasn't any room at the hospital. Marcos helped get us a room. I couldn't sleep well at all that night. We were up and waiting to get a call to come down and be taken the Hospital. 

At the hospital, Dr. Levi came in and talked to us. He told us the surgery would be at 1pm. Right around 1 pm. I was wheeled out of my room. The whole surgery experience was just wonderful. Dr. Perez did a great job on reconnecting my tubes. Dr. Levi was just great!!! I ended up having 3-4 cm on both sides. I was so excited.

The recovery was a little harder then I thought it was. It took weeks to be able to sleep on my sides without pillows. We waited the whole 2 months before we started trying to conceive. I called my Doctor in Aug and decided I was ready for my HSG. Both tubes were wide open!!!!! My Doctor told me if I wasn't pregnant that cycle to call him. He would start checking me out and seeing if I had hormone issues. I didn't get pregnant that cycle so I went into the Doctor. We found out I am Insulin Resistant.  I was put on Metformin.  I also decided to try a natural supplement called Vitex.

I found out on November 2nd that we are Pregnant!!!!!!! I also found out that I have low Progesterone. We go for our first Ultra Sound on Monday. Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi are just awesome! They are very good at what they do. My family thought I was nuts for going down to Rio Bravo for my TR. When I came back and they saw the Pictures of my surgery and saw how well I was taken care of. They realized that I couldn't have chosen a better TR Doctor.

Wife to Keith
Mommy to Lily 12, David 10, Kirscher 7
A little Blessing is on the way! July 2007
Carrie and Keith Flanery April 1, 2006


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