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North Carolina

Surgery Date 3/31/06
Tube lengths L6.5 R3
Pregnancy 1 It's a Girl! 4/20/07
Pregnancy 2 It's a Boy!! 7/14/08
Pregnancy 3 edd 9/27/09



June 2009 ~~~ Expecting #3

Tony and I are expecting TR baby #3. My due date is September 27th, 2009. I have been blessed to have 3 babies in 30 months thanks to Dr. Perez and his wonderful staff. I will update as soon as she is born.


Ezio Arturo Gallarini

My husband and I welcomed our son and TR miracle #2 on July 14, 2008 at 5:27am.  He weighed 6lbs 7ozs and was 19.5 inches long.  

We feel so very blessed to be gifted with two babies.

Dec 2007 ~~~ UPDATE ~~~ Expecting #2

I wanted to update to let everyone know we are blessed with baby #2. I found out 2 days before Thanksgiving. Guess I had more than a turkey in the oven. My edd is July 30th which is 2 days after my birthday. I feel so very blessed to have found Dr. Perez and his staff. I will have an ultrasound on December 17th and will update with pics and how the baby is doing. Thank You!!! God Bless


Evelina Antonia Gallarini

I would like to announce that my husband Anthony and I welcomed our new baby girl into the world on April 20th 2007. She weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 20.5 inches long.

She is beautiful and healthy and we love her with all of our hearts.

Sept 2006

I just wanted to let everyone know we are expecting. I cannot say thank you enough to the blessed doctors and staff at Rio Bravo!! I was married on May 5th 2006 and found out we are pregnant on August 15th 2006. The estimated due date is 4/21/07. I go for my first ultrasound on 9/01/06 and will update and let everyone know if it is in the right place. Thank you again Rio Bravo for this wonderful gift. I feel so very blessed.

Anthony and Lisa Fullerton Gallarini

April 2006

I am WHOLE again!!! My fiancÚ and I left on Thursday, March 30 from Charlotte NC to Houston Texas. We decided to rent a car and take a drive through Texas down to McAllen where we would meet Marcos on Friday morning to go to the hospital.  My fiancÚ and I volunteer at a raptor rehabilitation center so we enjoyed seeing the different birds in the area. The weather was amazing!

We met Marcos at around 10 am and he took us to the hospital where I was checked in and placed in room #7. I had my iv in by 12:30 pm and was in surgery by 2:15pm.  I hate ivs but it only took one stick and it was in. =) I remember getting in the wheelchair and being wheeled down the hall. I climbed onto the table and of course I looked for the cross and there it was. I knew I was in the right place =o). I was told to get into the fetal position and after that I did not feel anything. I never really went to sleep completely. My fiancÚ has a way of putting his hand on my head that keeps me calm and he talked to me the whole time. I remember almost all of it. At the raptor center we volunteer at we have some birds that will be moved to other centers across the state and I cried at one point during surgery and told my fiancÚ that I did not want Rocky (red-tailed hawk) to leave. He giggled at me because it seems anything that was heavy on my heart came out.  It is like being on truth serum, LOL!! Dr. Moreno also held my hand and comforted me...I was in no pain at all.

Before I knew it I was back in my room. They brought me some Jell-O, juice and amazing hot tea, mmmmm!! Also, they fed my fiancÚ as soon as we got there and after my surgery. I opened my bathroom window and listened to the birds...very nice sounds. We turned the TV on and Americas Funniest Videos was on...not a good idea....I laughed and it HURT!!  My fiancÚ and I laugh all of the time and he has had to promise to try not to make me laugh.  I am having to learn to laugh differently.  Dr. Levi stopped in and checked on me and told me I had 6-7cm on my right and 3cm on my left. That made me happy!  Finally I figured I should get some sleep because I wanted to leave on Saturday because we would drive back through Texas to Houston and stay one night before catching our flight on Sunday to come back to NC.  I slept ok. I think the numbness in my legs made it weird for me and I did not sleep to good.  The fiancÚ slept well.  Good thing, cause he had to take care of me (I am a big baby!!).

I got my iv, epidural and catheter out by 9am and then they brought mango juice and pancakes. They were delicious! Dr. Levi came in and went over everything with me and told me to take a shower so he could release me. I showered and got a new bandage and Dr. Levi came and gave me my meds to take home and said Goodbye.  Marcos came to take us back to McAllen.  Carolyn and her husband rode back with us.  She is the only one I met. Very nice couple.  Marcos took us to Tacos Palanque in McAllen to eat before we left and it was so GOOD! I will have to fly back to Texas just to eat there again. The drive from McAllen to Houston is around 6 hours but we took the long way and went through Corpus Christi which was nice.  We had to stop at Wal Mart...I cannot seem to escape Wal Mart no matter where I am.  I bet there is a Wal Mart on the moon.  We drove until we got just outside of Houston and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and it was super nice. I slept like a baby. We got up on Sunday and went to the Houston airport where there was a delay.  Finally made it home by 7pm Sunday. The fiancÚ stopped and got me some chocolate cookies for my down time. I cannot seem to keep my cats off of me.

It was a great experience and I am glad to be home waiting to jump on the TTC wagon.

Lisa Fullerton Gallarini


Ezio Arturo Gallarini

Evelina Antonia Gallarini


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