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Reversal 3/4/2006
Ligation 4/8/2001
Lengths  L 6 R 6
Preg  1 It's a Girl!
Jan 3, 2007
Preg  2 It's a Girl!
Sep 28,2010





Welcome Brycianna

 is here and weighs 6 pounds 3 ozs. She is 19 inches long.  She had to go to NICU for breathing but everything looks good.   

Welcome Jacqueline

I gave birth to my beautiful angel baby on January 3rd 2007. She came 3 weeks early. She weighed 6lbs 8oz and was 19 inches long. She was born at 3:42am. I am already praying God gives me another angel from heaven, but even if he doesn't I will cherish the one he has given me. Thank You Dr Perez & Dr Levi without you guys and the Lord we would not be able to share our love with this special baby. God Bless

June 2006

I went to the Dr. on 5/29/2006 and had a U/S and we saw the yolk sac. It was in the correct place. I went back on 6/9/2006 and had a 2nd U/S where we saw the baby and saw the heart beating. My Dr says I am doing great and I don't go back until 7/21/2006. My due date is 1/23/2007. I would like to give praise to the Dr.'s in Rio Bravo. Along with Marcos. These are great and wonderful people. I would recommend them to anyone I know who needs their services. God Bless All and I will keep this up dated.

Terri Garcia
Only God knows when you have had enough!

May 2006

I had my reversal 3/4/2006. I have 6cms on both sides. The Dr. Gave me a 70 to 80 % chance to conceive. As of 5/18/2006 I got a BFP. I went to the Dr and had a HCG. The numbers were at 1796. I changed Dr.'S because he was not concerned with the possibility of a tubal pregnancy. He did not follow up with a second HCG. I went to the Dr this morning(5/29/2006) the yolk sac is where it is supposed to be. I go back on 6/15/2006 so we can see the heartbeat and the baby. I would recommend everyone to go to Rio Bravo and have their TR. He is a God sent Man. Thanks again to everyone there.

Only God knows when you have had enough!

Mar 2006

Hello I had my reversal on march 4th 2006.  It was a wonderful experience.  I could not have had better care providers.

I arrived at McAllen at 10:50 am Marcos pick us up and took us to the hospital. It was about 12:15 pm when we arrived. I was prepped and ready for surgery by 12:45 pm. My surgery was finished by 1:55 pm. I was left with 6 cm on each side.  Dr. Levi gave me a 70 to 80 percent rate for a child. I paid 2161.00 for my surgery and 150.00 for the shuttle, and another 600.00 for 2 round trip tickets from Atlanta to McAllen.  This still was a lot cheaper than the states.  The hospital was immaculate and the nurses knew a little English. I know a little Spanish so this helped out a good bit. They have English channels there (about 6) including TBS.

I had to stay in the bed until the next morning, but was able to get up and shower and put on fresh clothes. I was back at the airport by 11:30 am on Sunday. I got back home and went to my OB\GYN on Monday and he ask why I chose Dr. Perez. I told him it was a matter of money and the fact that he has performed the surgery for a lot of years.  Successfully.

Well I will update this when I am pg.

Terri Garcia Rodriguez