Melissa and Ismael Garza


May 2006


Tubal reversal   

May 27, 2006




6 cm both




 June 2006

Hello, I am Melissa Garza (37yrs) and my husband is Ismael Garza Jr (31yrs). I have 4 wonderful teenagers from a previous marriage. I have one son (18yrs), & three daughters (17yrs), (14yrs), (13yrs). My husband and I just recently married in November 2005.  We have been together for about 2 1//2 years and have known each other for about 3 1/2 years.

Both my husband and I have talked about having a baby together and we started searching for a doctor. I found one here Houston, Texas and I did make an appointment to go and see him. However, after talking with the doctor and the procedure he wanted to do and the price, I was not comfortable with him. So I found another doctor in the area which was more expensive than the 1st doctor and this one wanted us to have been married for at least 2 years and also wanted us to go through a psychiatric evaluation. I thought we are not crazy, we are in love and would love to start adding to our family that we now have.

I stopped searching for about 4 months, I kept praying and asking God to please bless us with a baby. Then one day I was at work on the web and just playing around I searched for doctors in Mexico that did tubal reversals. I pulled up the web site and just started reading all of the wonderful testimonials. I talked to my husband and my mother in law and told them both about the web site and that I felt God sent me to the web site for a reason and that I felt I wanted to go to Mexico to get the surgery and they both agreed with me. At that point I then scheduled my surgery and began saving for the trip and surgery.

On Friday May 26, 2006 our journey to Mexico began. My husband and my youngest daughter both went with me. We live in Dickinson, Texas which between Houston and Galveston, so we were able to drive. My husbands father is buried in San Benito, Texas so we stopped at the cemetery on the way and then we went to visit my husbands aunt who lives in Brownsville, Texas. We finally arrived at the hospital about 5:45pm Friday evening. We met Dr. Levi as soon as we arrived and he told us that the hospital was full that we would need to be back in the morning at 6:00 am on May 27 and he showed us the way to the La Mansion Hotel. We went and checked in the Hotel which was very nice. We ate dinner and the restaurant there at the hotel which was great. I would highly recommend the hotel.

The next morning we arrived at the hospital at 6:00 am, it was very small and very clean. The rooms were still full so I had to wait just a little while, which was not a problem to me. I was a little nervous and then we met a man from Oklahoma who's wife had surgery the day before and he told us everything was fine and the doctors and nurses are wonderful, so that made me feel better. The nurse came and took me to the back about 9:30am and they started my IV. My veins are very deep and very hard to find and I did let her know. It did take 5 sticks before they finally got the vein, but it is always the same thing here in the US, so I was honestly expecting that. Once they got the IV started I went to the O.R. and saw the beautiful cross and the the epidural was started and I asked if they were going to get my husband and they told me he was right there and I looked over and there he was. The surgery lasted a little over an hour and I was taken to room # 7 and my daughter was in there sleeping on the sofa waiting for me. I felt fine after surgery, I dozed off for about an hour and then I was awake the rest of the day. I got the IV , the catheter and the epidural out about 4am and I was able to get up and take a shower and walk around. About 8:15am Dr. Levi came in and I was feeling great, he checked me and then released me to go home. We left the hospital at 9am on May 28.

We stopped back by Brownsville to say by to my husbands aunt and then we headed to South Padre Island and my husband parked the van on the beach and he laid the back seat down in our van, and I laid down and he got out and went swimming for a little while, then we left the beach and had lunch there in South Padre Island and finally headed home. Monday was Memorial day and I did not do much that day and I was told to stay off work at least a week. However, I am an office manager and I do payroll so I had to get back to work and do payroll on Tuesday. My husband drove me to work and I ended up working about 7 hours, I was sore but I felt fine. I did take off work on Wed. and Thurs. however, I went to work on Friday and worked about 9 hours. I took my stitches out on Tuesday the 10th day after surgery and now it has been 12 days since surgery, I have been driving myself to work everyday this week and I feel wonderful and I can not even tell I have had a surgery.   I know I did not follow the complete doctors orders. However we will wait the 2 month to start trying to conceive.

I was told that I do have 6cm on both sides, now it is up to God and I do have faith that he will bless us with a baby.

I would recommend the hospital and the doctors to everyone. They were all very wonderful and did a great job. I thank each one of them for everything and making our dream come true.

Melissa Garza

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