Nolberto and Belinda Gonzalez


August 2006


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal   

Aug 12th, 2006





 November 2006

I would like to take this time to thank Dr Levi, Dr Perez and his staff for being so kind at the time of our visit. Also I would like to thank the shuttle driver and his wife for making us feel so welcomed (DR Levi's in-laws). My surgery was done on August 12th still not pregnant but trying.

Our trip started in San Antonio, TX around noon we arrived in Weslaco TX around 5pm where we were picked up by shuttle. We arrived in Rio Bravo at 7pm we were greeted by Dr Levi my husband and I were told the surgery would be done next morning so we went to have dinner. I was prep for surgery around 8am next morning I have to say I was very nervous. I have to thank my husband for never leaving my side. My husband was very brave to stay for the procedure he did admit to being a little traumatized after the whole ordeal. (lol)  I did wake up during surgery I think was talking a little to much so I was put to sleep with a the happy juice. I was in a lot of pain after waking up but Dr Levi took care of that issue right away. Dr Levi said every thing went well and the chances of us getting pregnant were very good.

I will recommend Dr Levi and his staff to anyone who wants to have this procedure done. I'm 37 years old with 3 children ages 21&14&12 I had my TB in 1994 and thank god that I was able to reverse my tubal. Dr Levi if your ever in San Antonio TX my husband and I would like to return the hospitality that we received in your hospital. God bless you and the staff

P.S I will keep you posted


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