Kelly & Orville Harris



October 2006


Tubal Ligation

June 1995


Tubal reversal

October 25, 2006


Pregnancy #1 edd



6-7cm each side


April 2007

Just wanted to let everyone know we are pregnant, 4 weeks and 2 days. I had my reversal October 2006. I will follow up after doctors appointment to make sure everything is where it should be.

Kelly and Orville Harris

November 2006

I am looking forward to sharing my story with all you ladies (and dh's), because, it was the stories I read on here that helped me make the decision to go to Rio Bravo.

My name is Kelly Harris, dh is Orville. We went to Rio Bravo and had our reversal on October 25, 2006. I had my tubes tied at age 22 (June 1995).

We arrived at McAllen Airport at 4:45 on the 25th. Daniel picked us up and took dh to the store to get something to eat (NOT fair to me!) and then we were on our way to the hospital. Dh was doing just fine until we crossed the border and then he just looked at me and said "I don't think I like this." I told him that I had every woman's story who had ever been here with me in my heart, and that I knew I was going to be just fine. And I was right. I started telling him about all the stories we had read together and all the stuff on the board I had read, and he was feeling better.

We arrived at the hospital around 6 pm. We were taken immediately into a very spacious room (#7), the nurse came in a started my IV, which was not an easy thing for me, because, I am a nurse, and I do the I was a bad patient!! LOL. She started the IV on the first try. Dr. Levi came in and asked the typical pre-op questions and answered all the questions we had for him. He was extremely nice, and made me feel very safe. Within minutes after Dr. Levi left the room, I was on my way to the OR. The very first thing I looked for was the cross over the door...and THERE IT WAS. I instantly felt calm, and was more ready than I had ever been.

I got on the table and rolled over to my left side to have the epidural inserted, and I looked at the "Drug" administrator and said, "Ok, now would be a good time for the Valium." He laughed and said, "Sure." I remember seeing the syringe he was inserting, but don't remember anything for at least 2 hours. Next thing I knew I was on my back, surgery was going on and I heard Dr. Levi say the dreaded words "You have a tumor." I was trying to wake up enough to talk to him, but he wanted me he said "We are removing the tumor and then we are going to do the tubes." and I was out again.

I was waking up a little as they were transferring me to my bed in my room. I asked what time it was and dh said it was 10:15 pm. I started crying because I knew something was wrong. Dr. Levi came in and brought the tumor with him to show me, I immediately started looking for blood vessels, there were none. I was very happy about that. Fibroid tumor. Dr. Levi sent it off to have it tested just to be safe. I will have the results in a few days. I immediately started doing research on fibroid tumors when I got home, they are actually very common in women with TL, and the removal of them has been proved to increase fertility. YEAH!

We can't start trying to conceive for at least 5 months. But I have waited this long, 5 more months is going be a snap.

I am 6 days post op today, and haven't had pain meds in 2 days. The 3rd day was the worst. But now, I feel very good, and am looking forward to going back to work soon.

Our experience at Rio Bravo was a very good one and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about going. Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez are angels with true gifts. They made our dream of having our own child a real possibility, and for that we will be forever grateful. I would do this again in a heartbeat.

Bless you all at Rio Bravo. You touched our lives and changed it.

Kelly & Orville Harris
Dallas, Texas
6-7cm each side

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