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March 2006


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal

Mar 3, 2006


6/7cm both sides



March 2006

This weekend was especially wonderful for me. I got a chance to me all the ladies that I have been chatting with and even some that didn't watch the forums. We all got to huge and take lots of pictures, it was like a family reunion or something going on in the hallways. I think the nurses thought we all knew each other previously. I want to say congratulations to myself. Krystal (Florida) Keshia and Fonda (Ill), Terri (GA), and Robin (??). These women are so beautiful in heart and soul. Talking with them after surgery will forever stay with me. I have asked all the ladies for this weekend to keep us all informed and I will do the same.


I made it to Harlingen Thursday afternoon and stayed at the hotel till Friday around 11:00 am Marcos picked us up and we were on our way to the hospital.  When we made it there I was the 3rd person to have my surgery around 3:00 and I was out around 4:00. I didn't feel a thing during or after surgery. Dr. Levi didn't want me to get up until the morning so I had to lay in bed all night.

Dr. Levi and the nurses were wonderful and the food was great. OH and the hospital was so clean!!! I couldn't sleep much after my surgery, because I was so worried about getting up and being able to stand or walk for my flight which left the next day at 3:45. The next morning around 9:00 they removed my IV and Epidural. I could then get up and walk around and shower. I got dressed and walked around to check on the other ladies.  I was not in any pain, well just the slight soreness of my abdomen. I have had 2 c-sections so this was a walk in the park, no one could believe that I have had the surgery already, I would like to think of that as an inspiration to that ladies who went after me and who were headed into surgery when I was leaving the hospital.

I would like to say good luck to all who are taking this trip in the future and also like to say stay focused. You know what God has placed in front of you, if anything stands in your way it is not part of the plan, walked through it in faith and don't stop to ponder or second guess. There were so many obstacles thrown in my way during my 3 week journeys, and thought it all I stayed focused and God made a way even when my plans had failed.

2 days post ops and I feel great!!!
TL 01/10/1997
TR 03/03/2006
6/7cm both sides



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