Cassandra Jackson



April 2006


Tubal ligation

Tubal reversal

April 22, 2006


Pregnancy #1 edd 2007


6 cm both sides




June 2006

Cassandra Jackson
Tubal reversal date 04/22/06
Tube Lenght-6cm both sides
Positive Hpt- 06/23/06

Hello I am now pregnant!!! I am 4 weeks and 1 day. I took a hpt Monday the 19th of June and got a faint line. I tested again yesterday, the 23rd of June and got a big fat +!!! I feel so blessed to be experiencing being pregnant once again. It only took a short period of time for me to get pregnant. I have my first DR appt on the 10th of July. I hope and pray that everything is fine and the baby is in the uterus. Thanks to DR Perez and DR Levi for making this possible for me. I will keep everyone posted:)

June 2006

Hello, my name is Cassandra Jackson and I'm from Arkansas. I had my tubal reversal April the 22nd. My overall experience was pretty good, despite that I was not in the states.  Marco met me and my best friend at the airport and we had a good time on our way to the hospital. He took us to a hotdog spot to try one of the best hotdogs I ever had. After that Marco took us to the hospital, he was such a sweetheart. At the hospital Marco got the needed paper work for the hospital stay. We were showed to our room.

The next morning around 6a.m. the nurse came into my room and started my i.v she was so good at putting it in, she got it on the first try! I was shocked, because here in the states it may take a couple of tries to get it done. After that around 8:30, another nurse came in and had me put on my gown and off to the OR I went. In the OR I received my epidural and I tell you what, I thought I was getting a lower back message and all of a sudden my lower stomach and legs were numb! I didn't even feel the epidural needle at all!! Thatís the first time I ever had an epidural without feeling it being entered. The states need to practice this method. I had a small amount of meds put through my i.v line and I think I took a 10 min nap, and I was up most of the time. And before I knew it, they were done with me. I had very little pain, and a little soreness.

Marco came to pick us up the next day and I met another tubal reversal pt, her name was Amy. Amy was there from North Carolina; her mother was there with her. Marco took us to do a little shopping and off to the airport we went. Dr Levi was so funny, I just loved him. I think he thought I was crazy; I had him laughing every time he saw me.

But once again my overall experience was a good one and I would do it again if I had to. I have no regrets about going to Mexico for my reversal, the Doctors were great the staff was great and the food was good. And I saved thousands of dollars. Tube length after reversal was 6cm on both sides. I will start tying for my 3rd child in a couple of months.

Good luck to everyone who has a reversal done. 



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