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Reversal 11/18/06
Lengths L 8 R 8
Preg  1 mc 2007
Preg  2 It's a Girl!
Preg  3 It's a Girl!





Welcome Bella

born July 28,2009

Welcome Brianna

born March 4 2008

Dec 2006

We left home at 7:am Friday morning (Nov 17) and got to McAllen at 5:30 pm. Marcos sent his assistant and we drove to Mexico and arrived at the hospital at 7pm. Dr P was tired from all his surgeries so he wanted to do mine at 6:30 am Saturday morning. I met with Dr Levi and he told me what time they would start.

They were right on time,6:30 they came and got me. I met Dr Moreno and got the epidural and my sleepy meds. I woke up when they were putting up the drapes and they started surgery. I was awake the whole time, talking to the doctors and my husband, who by the way did awesome in the OR. He had to sit down one time but he really did wonderful. He kept me informed about what they were doing. Dr Perez told DH that my tubes looked great and Dr Levi looked over the drapes and told me "You will be able to give him a soccer team with these tubes". At first I wasn't sure what he meant until I read my report and found out I have 8cms on both sides and Dr Levi said they are almost perfect. I was in a lot more pain than I thought I would be in but now I am just so happy I did it and cant wait to TTC.   We stayed at the hospital Friday and Saturday night.

The epidural was not bad at all. Dr Moreno is really great. He explains everything he is about to do and I felt a little pressure but nothing bad at all. I was awake the whole time so he talked to me a lot during surgery.  The language was easy for me because my hubby speaks Spanish. But still a lot of the people at the hospital speak some English, enough for you to communicate.

Everyone there was awesome, and so sweet. I would go back in a heartbeat and do it all over again.


Bella & Brianna