Lisa and Daryl McLaren


October 2006


Tubal ligation

Jan 2001

Tubal reversal

Oct 27, 2006


Pregnancy #1 edd




Jan 2008

I had my reversal surgery on October 29, 2006 with Dr. Perez in Mexico. Dr. Levi would not even tell us our chances of conceiving because of the way my tubal was done to begin with. He said that my tubes were cut to close to the uterus and the scar tissue from the reversal would most likely close them back up. He suggested we do the HSG test 6 wks after we got home and then we could call him. We never did the test. We just said we would leave it all in God's hands and if we got pg then we would know that the surgery was sucessfull and it we did not then it was not meant to be.(this is easier said than done)

Well after about 4 months we just figured that it did not work, but we trusted in Our Lord and prayed that His will be done. After a year, every month I would be disappointed, but prayed and told God that I trusted Him and wanted His will not mine. Mentally I had prepared myself to never conceive. 

When my cycle date came and went this month, I began to wonder.  So this morning when I got up I took a pg test and much to my amazment it was positive!!! I was floored!! My husband is in CA on a silent retreat untill Saturday.  I think I will go crazy before he gets here!!

Thank you Blessed Arrows - our little miracle would not have been possible without you!!!!

Daryl and Lisa McLaren

Funded by Blessed Arrows

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