Veronica Medina



May 2006


Tubal ligation

Jan 1995

Tubal reversal

May 19, 2006


Pregnancy #1 edd

July 23, 2007


HSG 8/06

rt tube blocked; lft tube open


5 cm  each side



 March 2007

Just wanted to post that I am having a baby boy!

 February 2007

My name is Veronica Medina. I had my tubal reversal May 19, 2006. I want to update and let everyone know that I am 17 weeks pregnant (4 months). I had my tubes checked in August 2006 and found out that my right tube was blocked and my left open. I found out in October 2006 that I was expecting my first reversal baby. I am due July 23rd, 2007. I don't know the sex of the baby yet but as soon as I find out I will post. Thank you to all the staff at Rio Bravo. Without you I would not had been able to conceive this little miracle. Thank you again.

Veronica Medina

January 2007

 In August 2006 I had an exploratory lap and found out my left tube was open but my right was blocked. I knew my chances were slim of conceiving.

I found out November 17th, 2006 that I was pregnant. I am now 14 weeks pregnant and due July 23rd. Thank you to Dr. Perez and his staff for this bundle of joy that I am now carrying.


June 2006

I had my tubal reversal on Friday, May 19th, 2006. I was actually scheduled for May 20th but I hadn't ate nothing since that morning (Friday) so I was the lucky one that got to have my surgery early. My friend and I came from Colorado arrived at the McAllen airport on Friday and Marocs & his father-in-law were there to pick us up & drove us across the border with Kelly and Roger (another couple that was there to get her TR). I also met Angel & her husband and Bonny & her husband that were also there for there TR surgery or had already had it.

We got to the hospital and got the paper work done, then they put us in a room. I was maybe there only 20 to 30 minutes then a nurse came in and put the IV in. Within an hour of being there I was wheeled into surgery. I did meet Dr. Levi and two other gentleman. It's funny cause I was not nervous at all.  All I remember is getting on the table and curling up on my side then I was out. I did not wake up during the surgery but did feel a little bit of pulling and do remember moaning. I was in surgery for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I have 5cm on both sides and am very grateful to Dr. Perez and his staff. God Bless you All.

I had my tubal ligation January 1995 and My tubal reversal May 19th, 2006.

Today is June 19th, 2006 and I am 4 weeks post-op and feel great except for a little soreness every once in awhile above my incision. Other than that everything is good. I was off of work for two full week's and that gave me enough healing time. Of course everyone is different but for me that was what I needed to recover. I work as a receptionist at an O.B./GYN doctor's office and just the getting up and down from my chair for 8 hours was hard for me the first couple of days I returned to work.  But after that I was good to go. Good luck to all.

Veronica Medina


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