Mari Mendoza

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Surgery Date Apr 29, 2006
Tube length  L 6 R 5
Pregnancy 1 m/c
Pregnancy 2 It's a boy! 10/27/08

Nov 2007 both tubes blocked





Elijah Mendoza

I am very happy to announce that on Oct. 27th  2008 we welcomed our son Elijah into the world. He is our first reversal baby and we are simply overjoyed and excited that he is here and in perfect health. We had a very rough labor and birth which ended up in an emergency c-section but thanks to God that we are both fine, home and doing fine. He weighed 8.6 lbs and was 21 inches long.

Dr. Perez is truly gifted and my God continue to work through him.

July 2008

Well I had my tubal reversal April 2006 by Dr. Perez who is absolutely wonderful, caring, kind and gentle! I would refer anyone and everyone to him as I truly believe that he is blessed with a beautiful gift! Well we had a few positive's right after my reversal but were told they were 'chemical' pregnancies so they didn't stick. Anyhow, because of all this last Nov. 2007 I had an HSG done and I was told that (well I watched the whole procedure on the screen but..) my uterus filled as did my right tube, but the left tube did not and there was no spillage at all. So the prognosis was 100% blockage and I was told that unless I had surgery or invitro I would not be able to have any more children.  So at that point I simply stopped thinking about it and accepted the fact that I may never have another baby....

WELL...God apparently had another plan, as near the end of Feb 2008 I realized I was about 2 weeks late with AF and thought well maybe I should test just to make sure and as I sat and watched the 2 little lines turn pink I just sat, shocked and amazed! It was a BIG FAT POSITIVE! And I thought.... NO, that can't be right, so about 3 hrs later after walking around in a daze I decided to test once again... and still yet there they were those 2 little pink lines indicating a positive test! And I just laughed an d then cried and thanked my Father Above as I knew it was all his doing and his will.... AND HIS TIMING!

Our little blessing Elijah is expected around Oct. 28th 2008! I am so truly thankful and I'm here to tell you, just be patient, and keep faith and continuing to live in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart!

Love and Blessings,
Mari M

Feb 2008

I just wanted to share with you all that in Feb. had positive pregnancy test!  Had an ultrasound and ruled out ectopic but is still too early to see anything other than the gestational sac.  I had my TR almost 2rys ago with Dr. Perez, and had an HSG in Nov. that showed blockage. 

God is Good!

May 2006

Just thought I would share that today I tested and got a light positive We were not really trying but not protecting either!!!! I am going to call my Dr. in the morning! I pray all will go well!  We are so very excited and praying that the little one is where she/he is supposed to be! I would so encourage anyone to go to Dr. Perez he is amazing and is definitely being used by God's spirit! 

I had 6 on the left and 5 on the right but close to 6 only slightly shortened due to Dr. Perez having to reconstruct my Fimbrya. (sp?) Due to the right side having had a fimbrectomy. They  said I would have 60 to 70% chances.

Peace and Blessings,

May 2006

I was able to go to Mexico and have my TR with Dr. Perez!  Jehovah blessed me so! So we left very late and in an ugly storm on our way to Rio Bravo, Mexico! It took us about 9 hrs. and the directions into Mexico and to the hospital were great, it was very easy to find. I was very impressed with the attention we received, we were taken right to a room and given supplies to shower and freshen up, my IV was started and I was told it would be about noon when my surgery would begin, so we took a nap and around 11:30 the nurse came in and loaded me into a wheelchair and took me to the OR. I was VERY nervous and yet excited. I recall my epidural being started and then nothing, LOL, I have a low tolerance when it comes to med's.

Afterwards I can only say that I felt so over whelmed with joy with just the thought and knowledge that I am once again whole! Jehovah is so GOOD! I am content that if that is all I get from this that is enough! Well, as for the actualities, am measurements, Dr. Levi gave me very good chances to conceive, I have 5 cm on the right and 6 on the left! I am still a bit concerned about their findings once the operation was under way, it seems the Dr. that did my tubal decided to perform a complete fimbriectomy on my right side and also decided that I did not need that information!!  I also have my pathology report from that surgery and there is nothing mentioned in that report either, which is even more confusing!  But, Dr. Perez was very confident that he could reconstruct what was removed, and he did and was very pleased with the final results!

Well, now only time and faith will tell! I pray that Jehovah will bless us very soon and we can be add to the expectant families list in the very near future!

All in all, I feel great. A bit sore but still great as well as blessed! 

Peace and Blessings,


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