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 May 2006


Tubal reversal -

May 19, 2006


Pregnancy #1  m/c


5-6 cm  each side



 September  2006

I just want to let everyone that is considering on having this surgery to stop thinking about it and go have it done!  It has been a wonderful experience for my entire family.

I remarried a year ago April. My husband and I decided we wanted to have another baby (together). I have 3 boys from my first marriage, a 12 year old, 9yr old, and a 7yr old.  My husband has one son from his first marriage and he is 8 yrs. old. I know we are very brave wanting more children but if the good Lord is willing it will happen.  Any way lets talk about our wonderful adventure. I have never been across the border before it was an experience. We were first going to rent a vehicle and drive across ourselves, we backed out at the last minute and decided to have Marcos pick us up.

Steve and I left our home town and drove to the airport (which was about an 11/2 to 2 hr drive. We got on the airplane Thursday, May 18 and flew to McAllen. We then called the motel we were going to stay at and they had a (Free) shuttle to come and pick us up. We stayed at the motel that night and walked down the street and ate at a wonderful restaurant. We called Marcos as soon as we made it to McAllen, just to let him know we had made it. The next morning Marcos came to the motel and picked us up and off to Mexico we went. I was so nervous and Marcos continued to talk and carry conversation with us and kept telling us everything was going to be ok.   We made it to the hospital filled out some paperwork and they took us straight to the back.

Dr. Levi later came in asked some questions and took us into surgery. I had the epidural and I could remember everything. I felt a lot of pulling but that was it, it didn't hurt at all. My husband kept asking are you ok and I would say "yes".  After surgery I went back to my room, and several hours later Marcos came in to check on us (I am telling you Marcos and Dr. Levi are very sweet men, it must run in the family).  Dr. Levi came in and spoke with us he said I had 5 to 6cm on each side. My recovery was 2 weeks.  But everyone is different. I got up and showered I did hurt but I figured I would. I can bounce right up after giving birth to my children but when I have to be cut on it takes a little while to bounce back up.

So anyway our journey back to Mc Allen was good. We went back to the motel and Sunday morning we got up I was moving around pretty good, we decided to go an get something to eat before we had to catch the plane. We went next door to Denny's and oh my gosh I started getting a terrible headache. Of course I had a spinal headache. We didn't have time for me to go and lay down cause we had to go and catch the plane. I hurt so bad I didn't know what was happening. We finally got on the plane but when it took off I thought my head was going to explode. We then got to the D/FW Airport and it seemed like we had to walk over 1000 miles before we finally got to our vehicle. We made it home and called Dr. Levi to see if maybe we should go to the hospital. He suggest that I lay down for 24 hours and drink plenty of water. Well I did but it didn't help so on Tuesday morning we called my ob/gyn he made me an appt. To make a long story short I had a spinal patch done at the ER, my head felt 10 times better.  After all of this Yes I would still go back to Mexico and have this TR again if I had to. This spinal headache could have happened here in the US.  So don't let this stop you from having the surgery done.

I then found out that I was pregnant on Aug. 05, 2006.  Steve and I were so excited, my doctor got me in on Aug. 09 and did a sonogram to make sure this wasn't a tubal baby. It wasn't and everything seem to be going just fine. I then had a Dr. appt. on Aug. 16 to do the blood work. I then started having complications. Actually I had been having a lot of cramping from day one. I ended up losing the baby on Aug. 16. But you know what I didn't think that My husband and I were going to get through this tragedy b/c this was very difficult to deal with but we have decided that it was just not meant to be at this time. We are moving on and we will try again and maybe we will have better luck next time.

We don't regret ever having this surgery done and we will have a baby some day. Good Luck to all !!!

Sharon & Steve Mendoza

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