Karen Mitchell

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Reversal 5/18/06
Ligation 2006
Lengths 4cm 5cm
Preg  1 It's a Boy! 2007
Preg  2  
Preg  3  
Age 29


Baby  Mitchell

He is a beautiful 7lbs bundle of love. Thank Dr. Perez and staff for making it possible for me to become a mother again. I will refer anyone I know to your hospital.  We are so happy and my husband finally has a child of his own!


I'm Pregnant! I'll keep you guys posted.

Thank you Dr Perez!



May 2006

My name is Karen Mitchell - after the birth of my last child I had my tubes tied.  After a divorce and remarriage my new husband and I talked a lot about having a child together.  We made an appointment with Dr Perez on May 18 2006. Everyone was so nice and everything went so well, I could not have asked for a better hospital stay. 

Karen M