Rosa & Antonio Orta


February 2006


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal

Jan 29, 2006


4 cm right
0 cm left



June 2006

We want to say thanks again for the wonderful work you all do! We are very grateful and still trying. We recommend your place highly and we know you are miracle workers! We are waiting for our little miracle to happen and will let you know right away.   Here's some pictures for you and your staff.
Antonio & Rosa Orta

April 2006

Hola, my name is Rosa M. Orta, I had my tubal ligation in 1988. Yes, I feel like it's been ages ago!! I had my first baby when I was 17 years old (1975) unprepared for life, barely out of High School and very much in love. I got married and we both decided to have our second child until he graduated from College. I got pregnant right away after his graduation and had my second child in 1982. Both are boys who have given me a lot of satisfaction and also a dose of headaches but overall they are good boys. My oldest one is 30 and has 2 girls ages 6 and 4 and expecting their third one who is going to be a boy. Yes!! I am a proud grandmother too. Well, life has its ups and downs and my first marriage ended up in divorce. When my second boy was 6 years old my ex husband convinced  me to have a TL. He was not desiring another baby and he did not consider having a vasectomy and I felt like I had to do it to keep him happy. I have regretted making that awful decision to stop Mother Nature and my reproductive capacities. Sure enough, 12 years after my divorce, I found a wonderful man and got married. he's my age 47 and has 4 children from his previous marriage. His children are 25, 23, 21 and 15 and he has a grandbaby girl who was born in January 06. We thought about a tubal reversal all the time. I researched the net and found Dr. Perez. We saved the money, made arrangements and went to Rio Bravo and had my surgery Jan. 29, 06.

I had a successful surgery and I want to share with all of you that usually at my age you receive a lot of questioning and judgment from people who can not believe that you want to start a family again. I even got ugly comments from an insurance agent when we were shopping for insurance, thinking "why do you need maternity coverage at your age"??? I was in tears that day. But all we heard from Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez was positive and encouraging words. Dr. Levi did mention that they had a 48 year old woman who gave birth to twins! so all we heard were positive things.

Dr. Perez was able to re-connect my right tube 4cm. and I am very happy!!!! My left tube was not in good condition due to the "butchering" job that was done here in the US when I did my TL.  Other that that my uterus and ovaries are in good shape and my cycles are good. I have not had any tests of how fertile I am but I feel in my heart that I am still capable of ovulating because my cycles are like a clock.

I have faith in God that we will be able to conceive. It's been already 9 weeks post-op and I am back to work and trying to conceive!!. I am a Clinical Social Worker and I work with cancer patients. My recovery was great and I am very thankful to Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi and their staff for their hard work and devotion. We were treated like familia.  God bless each one of them!

I would like to see more  women  who are over 40!  Congratulations on your decision to have a TR. For those who are still considering it, don't let anyone change your mind or discourage you. Be persistent and allow the Divine powers to help you through Dr Perez's hands.

Rosa Tupina

PS: I can't wait to be able to announce to you one of these days that I am pregnant!! I am now counting the days to do testing. 11 more days!

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