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May 2006


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal

May 21, 2006


Pregnancy #1

It's a Boy!  Nov 17, 2007


7 cm  each side




Andre Richard Vaughan-Manrique

My little baby was born on Nov. 17, 2007 and is doing great!  Thank you so much for everything...you are a blessing.

I have attached a picture of our little miracle baby.


April 2007

Hi. I am pregnant. Due date Nov. 29, 2007.

May 2006

My name is Heather Oyarzun. On May 20, 2006, my two older children and I set out for our journey to Rio Bravo.  I had told my mom about the plan the night before and she decided to meet us in Houston and come along to Rio Bravo. With all the border problems she wanted to make sure everything went smoothly. When we arrived in McAllen, I was contacted immediately by Marcos. He told me he would be about an hour or so since the border had a lot of traffic. So, we sat in the airport restaurant and waited. Since I was not eating or drinking anything in preparation for surgery, I hung out a lot in the gift shop (to not be tortured by the food smells).  Marcos arrived as he had said and he was with another gentleman. The Expedition was very comfortable and we were all very happy we had arranged it once we saw how people in Mexico drove. It would have been very difficult figuring out how to get there and maneuver traffic. Right before the border I called my fiancÚ to let him know we were all okay. I wasn't sure how cell phones would work over there.  Within an hour we were in Rio Bravo.

Marcos showed us around town (in the car) and then helped us check in to the hotel. It was very nice. Clean, modern, and with all necessary amenities (even a restaurant). Then we went to register at the hospital.  Within 30 minutes I was told to change in to my gown and they were placing an IV. The nurse is fantastic. She got it on the first try. Soon there after I was wheeled in to the surgery room. It was about 3 pm at that point.  They told my family I would be out in about 1.5 hours.  I met everyone in the surgery room. I was told to get in the fetal position. I was really scared, I had both my other children without any epidural, so this was new to me.  But it was fine. I don't think it hurt at all, I cannot remember any pain. They rolled me back over and put up a drape. Evidently a catheter was inserted and oxygen was running to my nose. I promise there was no pain during the surgery (my biggest fear).  However, I did get little anxiety attacks now and then from not being able to move or feel my legs.  But I just told the anesthesiologist and he spoke sweetly and did something that made me calm down. He was wonderful. There was this huge light above the doctors that had a metal rim. I could actually see what the doctors were doing in the reflection. I was neat. They took pictures for me since I couldn't have anyone in with me. I felt like I was awake for it all, but in all reality I think I just came in and out. I loved hearing the doctors talking and laughing. I understand Spanish and they were just talking about their kids and stuff. Very sweet.

The surgery actually took about 2.5 hours, and so my mom was really worried. But everything was fine. I just had a chubby tummy and my tubes had to be attached at the uterus so it took a little longer. By the way, I have 7 cm on each side. I think that's pretty good.  Afterwards I felt great. I hated not being able to move my legs, but loved that my mind was alert and there was no pain.  Once the legs came back I felt pain and they allowed me to control this little tube to the IV that made the pain go away. It was great. I used it sparingly because I didn't want my legs numb again. 

That night my daughter stayed with me, she is 17. She has been the most wonderful blessing through this all, along with my son (13). They fed her a great meal (sausage, potatoes, bread and fruit.  They fed me Jell-O and mango juice. It was delicious. The next morning we each got fruit loops and mango juice. Then at lunch a great Mexican meal. I cannot say enough how wonderful the nurses were, all the time. They treated me so lovingly and better than ANY American hospital. Dr. Levi was a funny guy and all the guys were true gentlemen. My mom and son came back to the hospital around noon. My little boy brought me a little statue of the virgin Mary and baby, as a symbol of what I was going through. My children are my angels.

I checked out after lunch and Dr. Levi's father in law took us to a hotel in McAllen. The ride was actually very comfortable (about 2 hours), but the hotel room was miserable.  It was hard to roll over, sit up, and even walk to the bathroom. I never imagined so much discomfort. My mom and kids went to the mall (which they enjoyed) and brought back Mexican food from a restaurant next to LaQuinta, where we stayed. The airport wasn't too bad. As long as you get a wheelchair you will be fine. The flights were pretty comfortable. It was the getting up and down that was hard.

Here at home, now 1 and a half weeks after the surgery, I feel much better. We took out the stitches last night. That wasn't fun, but it was quick. Today I am having quite a bit of pain along the incision line and it is really hard, but according to the papers its okay. I have to go to work Monday, but I really wish I could have another week off. It still doesn't feel good to get around and my job is extremely mobile and physical. However, the doctor says just 15 days no work, so here I go.

Would I do it again. YES! I am so happy to be whole again. Whether or not I ever am able to conceive I feel that I have made God, my children, my fiancÚ, and myself very happy. I am to be married in December and then we will start trying.

Thanks to Dr. Levi and all the staff, I had a wonderful experience. I just wish I could have stayed there longer!

Heather Oyarzun

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