Ruth & Tom Simmons

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Surgery Date 4/28/06


Tube lengths L5 R5
Pregnancy 1 2007 mc
Pregnancy 2 It's a girl! 5/01/09
Pregnancy 3  

both  blocked





Hannah Alexis Simmons

Our miracle baby is here. After three years almost to the day of my tubal reversal we have our baby. Her name is Hannah Alexis. She weighed 8.4 pounds and was 22 inches long. It was a perfect delivery. I had to be induced because I ended up with gestational diabetes which I controlled with diet. She was born May 1st, 2009 at 12:59 p.m. She is beautiful and a miracle to her father and I. We have a miracle and we have Dr. Perez to thank.  We are going to try for one more and then we are done.
Ruth ( Pascal) & Tom Simmons

Dec 2008

I had my tubal reversal April 28, 2006. I am finally pregnant the baby is due May 7, 2009. We found it is a girl. She is perfect. Everything is fine and the pregnancy is going good.

Dec 2008

I had my tubal reversal done in April of 2006. I have got pregnant once in 2007. I had a miscarriage.

I finally had the blue dye test, where they put it through your tubes, in June of 2008. It came back that my tubes are both blocked.  Now 2 months later I am pregnant and I am due May 7, 2009.

Everything is good and healthy. Please wish us luck.

March 2007

I had my surgery date April 28, 2006 and got a positive pregnant test on Feb. 24, 2007 miscarried the following week on the 27th. We are still going to keep trying.

July 2006

I am 41 years old. My fiancÚ, Tom is 43 years old. This was a long time coming.  Something we've been wanting for awhile. I've researched it for along time and Dr. Perez's site kept coming up.  All the testimonies really impressed me. We went for it and we are so glad we did. My fiancÚ, Tom, my daughter, Jodi, and I left early Fri. morning from St. Louis and we got to McAllen at around 12:00. Marcos had to pick up 2 women before he picked us up. He took us to Rio Bravo. Before he took us to the hospital he showed us around a little.

We got to the hospital and that was when I found out I was going to have my surgery that night instead of Sat. morning. I finally got a room a little while later. They put in my I.V.. I went into surgery at about 7:30 and was done at about 9:00. The surgery wasn't bad considering I've had only one other surgery. They wheeled me in I got on the table, Dr. Moreno had me get into the fetal position and I was out until half way through the surgery. Dr Moreno was very good at what he does. I almost got sick while they were doing surgery he had something in my I.V. very fast. I did see the cross above the door it was very comforting. I had a really hard time with my legs being numb. I've never had a epidural before and I didn't like not being able to move my legs.

The hospital was great. It was a very clean hospital and the nurses tried very hard to explain things to you. I finally started to just point to what I needed and that really helped. Dr. Levi came in and told me how the surgery went. I have 5cm on each side and he said my ovaries looked very good. He said if I didn't get pregnant it would be my fiancÚ's fault. We were discharged at around 1:00 on Sat. Marcos got across the border which was very easy. He found us a hotel where we stayed for 2 nights. We headed home on Mon. morning. I didn't know this but laughing, sneezing, and coughing hurts a lot. My daughter on the plane had me bent over laughing and it hurts a lot. We're trying for a baby but no luck yet. Will keep you posted!

Ruth Pascal


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