Elizabeth & Gary Reierson


July 2006


Tubal ligation

June 1996

Tubal reversal

July 7,2006


Pregnancy #1

It's a boy! 6/27/07


5 cm ea side





Gary Joseph Reierson Jr

Our healthy baby boy was born 06/27/07 7lbs 10oz.  No complications.


October 2006

Update!   Positive pg test 10/22/06 ~  first doctor's appointment on Nov 2

Elizabeth and Gary Reierson

July 2006

I had my tubal done in June of 1996, after getting divorced a few years later I met the man of my dreams our relationship is like a dream everything is perfect except for not being able to have a child together. After two years of searching and researching dr.s we made the appointment with Dr. levi on July 7,2006 we started on our journey to Texas at 5a.m. flights were fine but when you have a connecting flight from Huston to McAllen be sure you have longer than 45min between we almost missed the flight. Dr.levis father in law was waiting for us right outside the airport just like we planned. got to the hospital he got us the paper work to fill out and laughed my husband and I are both Spanish (but he looks 100% white) he started to read me the papers and I just buzzed right passed him I can read Spanish but can only speak very very little and understand even less when it's spoken to me. so when ever anyone came in they looked at me and started in Spanish then I would look puzzled at my husband for answers and he would start to translate back to them the answers since he is fluent, they looked at us like we were crazy and laughed. it was great. after about 45min. the nurse came in started the IV gave me a gown, said it wouldn't be long.

in minutes Dr levi came in asked if we had questions, then asked all he is required to ask. He is so sweet makes you feel very relaxed right away. my husband was hungry and thirsty we had not changed any money we were told they take American money all over there, (except for the vending machines) dr levi changed over some money right away for him. them off to the OR the cross is there just as everyone has said, then fetal position, and that's all you remember. I woke up and saw them still working on me, everyone asked how are you doing? when you open your eyes. my husband there right by my side just amazed at the whole thing taking pictures. surgery went smooth no problems. said everything looked good in there have 5cm on both sides and back to my room where is warm and they truly let you rest and recover, where here in the states they wheel you to recovery where it's bright and cold and poke at you every 20mins.

while I was recovering the DR.s took my honey to eat. they came in twice in the night my surgery was at 7p.m. once to empty cath bag and change iv, once to check bp and temp. was ready to about noon the next day dr said at two I would be done with all meds and could get a shower and go. the nurses help out a lot but they also respect you privacy they let you get cleaned up and changed before coming in. it's a very modest respectful place. dr. came in one more time with discharge instructions and paper work, and gave us the okay to start trying in two months.

they are truly wonderful. I would recommend to anyone to have the tr done here. most of all make sure you confirm the wheelchair at least a dozen times for the airport the said they would have one at each gate and it was on my tickets to be there also and I never got even one wheel chair. it's a long walk through three airports.

God bless and good luck

Elizabeth and Gary Reierson

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