Angela & Travis Roop


June 2006


Tubal ligation 

Mar 13, 2003

Tubal reversal

June 2, 2006



RT- 5-6 cm
LT- 0 cm




Sept 2006

hello my name is Angela Eikenbary-Roop, and I would like to share my tubal reversal story with you...
I had my Tubal legation done on March 13th, 2003. (at the time I thought it was the right thing to do, but in reality I did not want to do it ).. I was told at the time if I conceive any more children I would jeopardize myself and the baby, (boy were they wrong).

I found Dr. Perez web site and started talking to my now husband and we were both skeptical but I knew in my hart that everything would be fine.. so we talked and talked and finally about 2 months later decided to make the appointment. we scheduled it for June 2nd, 2006.

we left early on June 1st about 4:30 am and headed to the airport. when we finally got to the airport dh told me he had left all the money in the car which was left at the car place (where you store your car), so he went back and got it, but then realized we forgot the Spanish/English dictionary, after he already came back to the airport I told him don't worry about it we would get one in Dallas. we arrived in Mc Allen TX, about 10:30 am and stayed the night in a wonderful hotel.  Marcos picked us up around 11 am on Friday the 2nd, and we headed to Mexico,  Marcos was wonderful, we talked the whole way their. as soon as we got to the hospital, we did our paper work and off to our room we went, about 5 min in the room the nurse came in and gave me a gown to change into and started my iv (she was great didn't even feel it), about 5pm Dr. Perez came in and talked to us and sent in the anesthesiologist,

we then went to the operating room (was clean and very nice) I got the epidural and then felt nothing.. they allowed my dh to take many pictures and even gave him stool to stand on to get some really good pics, after they were done I was told I had only one tube left but had 5-6 cm on the right side Dr. Perez said it only takes one tube to get pregnant. I had a hard night but the nurses were great (I couldn't sleep), the next morning they took the iv out and bandaged me up after I took my shower and then Dr. Perez came in again and talked to me and dh to go over everything again. Marcos then came and picked us up and took us to a little shop so we could get something to take back home with us and then headed to the airport, at the airport we had to show them our paper work on my surgery, and we headed home..

I would like to thank everyone in MX, they did a wonderful job, and it was much more than what we expected, a lot cleaner than the hospitals here in the U.S. they clean all the

I would recommend anybody to go to Dr. Perez to have any procedure done..

thank you again,
Angela Eikenbary-Roop and Travis Roop

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