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Surgery Date 02/04/06
Ligation 8/05
Tube lengths L 6 R 6
Pregnancy 1 It's a boy! 04/12/07
Pregnancy 2 edd 2010
Pregnancy 3





Nov 2009

I just found out this morning that I am pregnant! We have been trying for about 14 months to conceive, and it just wasn't happening. I went to my doctor four days ago and asked for a repeat HSG in case my tubes had scarred from the last C-Section, and a few days later I found out that won't be necessary! I will update as soon as I find out if the baby is in the uterus and everything looks ok.


Noah Robert Rothermel

Born: April 12, 2007
At 8:59 AM
6 lbs 14 oz
18 1/2 inches

He is such a doll! We can't wait to share more pictures with everyone!

November 2006

I just wanted to update that I am over halfway in my pregnancy and everything is wonderful. We found out that were are having a baby BOY! God is good. This wouldnít be possible without the staff at Rio Bravo. I will update after we have the baby!

Sept 2006

It has been about 6 months since my reversal and I took a pregnancy test and I found out we are pregnant! The baby is due May 6, 2007! I have had numerous blood draws and finally an ultrasound and the baby is in the uterus where it belongs!  So everything is looking GREAT so far.

Thank God for everything and the miracles that he works.  And also Thank-You Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez for helping make our dream come true.  I will update again further in my pregnancy.

April 2006

Well, I will go ahead and add my reversal story, as I know how much this site helped me make the decision to travel to Dr. Levi, and I hope to be able to help someone else out there.

My trip started out on February 3, 2006 where I boarded the plane to McAllen.  Aside from plane delays to missed layovers, we got to McAllen safely. I brought my mom with me, so my husband could stay at home with our three children. Well we decided to rent a car, big mistake!  Take my advice, and take the shuttle! We got lost going to the hospital and it was getting dark out since our plane was delayed. Well itís not the easiest thing to be asking for directions in Mexico not speaking Spanish!  But the locals were very nice and I knew some words in Spanish, so we got there.

When we walked in I was SO impressed. The hospital is very clean and sanitary. I saw Dr. Levi a few minutes after walking in, and immediately felt at ease.  We got put into room two, and thatís where we were to stay the night.  We went down to the La Mansion hotel where we got supper.  Everyone in Rio Bravo is so nice, they translated our menu for us and everything. I met up with other couples who were also having the surgery, and we talked, and then I went back to the hospital.

I was awoken at 5:30 am to get ready for surgery. I have really bad veins for blood and IV, and I canít believe I thought that communications might be a problem.  Dr. Moreno the anesthesiologist actually came in himself and started the IV, no pain nothing!  So I said bye to my mom, and got taken back to the OR. It looks just like a US OR, nothing ďsubstandardĒ like people might make you think when you mention Mexico. I climbed up onto the table and was told to lie in a fetal position.  At that time tears started to fall as I was very apprehensive about the epidural. I saw the nurse putting the ďsleepy juiceĒ into my IV, and I felt Dr. Moreno cleaning off my back. The next thing I remember I was being rolled over onto my back. I didnít feel a single thing! I looked up at the doorway and saw the cross that everyone refers to and felt at ease knowing God was watching over me, and guiding the Dr.ís hands in restoring my fertility. I feel asleep during the surgery, but every time I was awake Dr. Moreno was right there with me asking me how I was doing. Dr. Levi also took time to talk to me during the surgery letting me know what he was finding.  And they took plenty of pictures for me! I canít wait to get them developed! I was in surgery about 2 hours, as I had a lot of scar tissue and adhesions on my left side. Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez took the time and care to remove it all.

I was told after surgery that I have 6cm on both sides. Itís up to God and my husband now. I felt a little tired that afternoon, so I told my mom that I was going to take a nap. She said that she was going to go to Progresso and do some souvenir shopping. Well, next thing I know she lost the keys to the rental car!  So Dr. Levi being the kind man that he is, drove to Progresso to make sure she was able to get back to the hospital!  Bless his heart.  No US doctor would go rescue your mom who lost the keys!

I didnít use any of my medication that they give you to use through your epidural.  I had it taken out as soon as Dr. Levi would allow it, I couldnít lie down well with it in. As soon as he had it out I felt much better. I slept pretty well that night, and awoke the next morning. In the morning I spent time with two of the other reversal women, Amy and Lisa. It is so nice to know other women that are at the same point I am. I hope Lisa, Amy, and I keep in touch for a long time! We all walked down to Subway, thank goodness that Lisa spoke Spanish! I would have never been able to get my food without her! I spent the rest of my time there with the other ladies, until my cab came to take us to the airport. (The rental car had to be towed back with no keys!) Lisa and I were on the same plane to Houston, so we sat and chatted the whole way. Definitely make sure you ask the airport for a wheelchair though, because you will not be up to walking through the airport!

God Bless Dr. Levi, Dr. Perez, and Dr. Moreno for everything that they have done for me. Itís like a dream come true.

Jacqui & AJ
Brevan 2/01
Andrew 7/02
Paige 2/04
Zachary 8/05 Ė 12/05
TL: 8/05
TR: 2/06 6cm both sides


Noah Robert Rothermel


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