Michele & Michael Sanchez


July 2006


Tubal reversal

July 03, 2006


6-7cm each side



July 2006

Hi! My name is Michele Sanchez. I recently had my reversal surgery on Monday, July 3rd.! I am home now, and feeling a lot better. My dh Michael and I set out Sunday July 2nd after church to start our trip down to Rio Bravo. We both were so excited, our funding from Blessed Arrows was complete, and we were heading down to finally be made whole again.

When we arrived at the hospital that evening. We checked in and they gave us a very lovely and very spacious room there in the hospital. The nurses where great! Very friendly, and very helpful. I am very grateful that dh could speak Spanish! Even though I can understand some, I can't speak it all that great!...LOL! After going into town for dinner, we came back and settled in for the night. Then at 6:00 in the morning, I was getting ready for surgery. Dr. Levi came in and asked a bunch of questions, and I was given a gown to change into. Next thing I knew, it was time to go to the surgery room. I went up on the table, and well, all I can remember from there is every now and then being able to open my eyes for a brief moment to see dh there asking me if I could feel anything. Which of course I couldn't.

Well, Dr. Levi said that my tube lengths were 6-7cm on each side. It took 10-11 hours for the epidural to wear off enough for me to feel my legs again, which kind of freaked me out. lol. But everything went well. I am feeling great now, still not overdoing it though. I don't want to push it and end up hurt, but I am moving around the house.  BTW the nurses were great and our room was very nice and spacious!

Thank you to the staff at Hospital De Las Americas. Thank you for your heart and service. Gracias!

Michele Sanchez


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