Kristy Shepheard Greene


February 2006


Tubal reversal

Feb. 11, 2006


Pregnancy #1 m/c

Pregnancy #2 edd

It's a Girl!  Nov. 24,2007


7cm  each side




Baby Girl Greene

I am writing to report my wonderful news of my little baby girl born Nov. 24, 2007 at 12:55 pm. She weighed 6 lb 8 oz 20.125 long. We are so glad it worked thanks for everything.

Kristy and Terry Greene


July 2007

I had my reversal on feb. 11,2006 my tubes were 7cm each side. I got pregnant in april 2006 on may 23rd lost my baby. I only new for a week i was pregnant. At that point decided i couldnt do that again so i stopped wanting to have a baby. Then about 6 months later i couldnt live without a baby so i decided to try and on march 2007 found out i was pregnant again.  Now i am 6 months and they say its a girl. I'm due on Nov.18,2007 and am so glad that i decided to try again.

thank you for everything
kristy shepheard greene and terry greene

February 2006

I had my tr on Feb. 11, 2006.  I meet Marco at the hotel and he showed us where the airport was to park our car to make sure we didn't have a problem with the car. While we were there we picked up two other ladies. One was having her surgery and she had a good friend come with her.  When we got to the hospital they were over booked and we ended up in the same room.  For some that might of been a problem but we seemed to like having the company. Elizabeth and Yolonda were a big help to me. They taught my husband some Spanish so he could tell them I needed some pain meds.

My tubs are 7cm on each side. I really like the doctors and staff. If I had to do it again I would. I hope everyone has good luck having there babies.
Kristy shepheard

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