Miranda Simpson

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Surgery 06/2006
Tube  L5 R5
Preg 1 mc 2008
Preg 2  


Mar 2008

I wanted let everyone the pregnancy ended on Feb 2008.  We will be trying again later upon the return of hubby from his military tour.   Thank you again for the chance

Angel In heaven 2008

Jan 2008

Tested at home twice and within seconds there was a plus - we are pregnant!

July 2006

I had my tubal reversal June 2006. We arrived around 10pm and we were picked up promptly.  I left my Id in the car , which we went over a cklist but the driver had no problem turning around to get it for him since we had to have it .My husband and I were very nervous about going to Mexico for this procedure but , we prayed about it and it was okay . We arrived at the hospital and we were both very nervous to see how small the hospital was, but then we go in and it was so clean and like a regular hospital.  We signed our paper work and then nurses came in and gave us blankets and made sure we were okay. They did their best to make sure the language barrier was not a problem. It was great over all .

The next morning they started the iv , and let us know that the doctor was doing another surgery and that we would be up next . My nerves got the better of me and when I went into the operating room and my husband had to clean up before entering , I just went into tears, so I was given something to calm me down and I was out, and before I knew it I was back in my room.

My hubby said I was in and out during surgery asking if they were done, but I had no pain and don't remember anything.  The next morning I was brought breakfast , and IV's taken out and was told to take shower and then was released to go home . The doctor came and asked if we have any questions and was told we could call if we needed anything.

I was sore on the ride home.   We tried to shop a little after we left but I wasn't up to it.  I slept most of the way to the hotel, and then home.  The trip home went okay , but we should have flown.  Lesson learned .

My over all experience was great and I would recommend Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi to anyone thinking of having tubes reversal.  Although, I was nervous my husband and I feel we went to the best doctor available. Anyone reading this and having doubts, don't.  The doctors and staff are very pleasant and kind and I would recommend this hospital to all that are thinking of reversal. 

Thank you so much and may God Bless you Dr Levi and all the nurses.