Brooke & Greg Strickland


March 2006


Tubal reversal

Mar 24, 2006


6cm on each side


April 2006

Well we left on the 23rd and stayed at the Four Points in McAllen.  It was very nice the next morning Marcos picked us up and took us to Rio Bravo.  When we got there we waited for about an hour and a half then they prepped me for surgery.  I remember getting the epidural and a few other things like some one making fun of my pug nose and my husband saying they were lucky I was knocked out. LOL Then I remember them taking me back to my room.

Now some people react differently to pain I am one of those that doesn't tolerate it well and it hurt my husband had to leave the room because he kept making me laugh which made me cry!!!  Note do not get a cold any coughing or sneezing KILLS!!!! 

Any way my husband had his reversal at about 10 o'clock that night, he wasn't near as funny after that! 

We left the next day about 12 and headed back to the Four Points for another couple of nights. I am so pleased with the doctors down there!!!!!  My incision was closed so well that's its not even there!!! Almost any way I still have a few scabs but it looks better than a plastic surgeons work!!!!  It's almost completely healed just took the stitches out it's amazing and I cant wait to try for a bean!!!!!!

 I had 6 on each side.  And my hubby's surgery went great too, its only a matter of O now

I will keep you posted!!!!

Brooke & Greg Strickland

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