Tyesha Taylor

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Surgery Date 12/18/06
Tube lengths L 7 R 5
Pregnancy 1 edd 2009
Pregnancy 2  
Pregnancy 3  



April 2009

Hello Rio Bravo Family!

I first want to thank you for a lovely experience when I came to Rio Bravo. My husband and I are from Baltimore, MD and needless to say, traveling to Mexico for such a procedure was worrisome. However, the skill of your doctors and staff was by far impressive. What impressed us most was the fact that you relied on skill and not beeping machines to do our procedure. And that is something to be said!

I was left with 7 cm on one side and 5cm on the other. I am now 5 weeks pregnant! I am by far not out of the woods just yet, but with prayer I look forward to meeting my new bundle of joy!

Thank you for your care and giving my family a chance to experience the joy of adding a new loved one to our circle.


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