Elizabeth Viramontes


September 2006


Tubal reversal

Sept 2, 2006


Pregnancy #1 m/c

Pregnancy #2 edd Dec 24, 2007


 Right 4-5cm

Left 6cm



August 2007

Hi! everyone I am 19 weeks far along and we are having a Girl!! I just wanted to let ya"ll know I can't wait to see her.

July 2007   ~  Expecting Again!

Hi! everybody I am pregnant again we are very exited I am 14 week along. I already went to doctor everything is OK I heard my baby's heart beat for the first time. My due date is 12/24/07 I will have a sonogram to see the gender of the baby in 5 weeks.  We can't wait to find out I will keep Ya'll updated. After the miscarried I had I am still praying that nothing happens this time. Thank you Dr.Perez and Dr. Levi we could not have done this with out you.

February 2007

Well yesterday I had a doctor app. for my regular check up I am 12 weeks long but to find out that my baby heart beat was not there no more everything looked good last sonogram was like 4 weeks ago and everything was good we were able to see the heart beat. But now we are just having a hard time deciding to wait for baby to come out by it self or have a DC done.

Thanks for everybody's prayers.

December 2006

Hi! my name is Elizabeth Viramontes and my boyfriend Morgan Shortnacy and I went from FT Worth TX to get my tubes reversed on Sept 2,2006.  I was afraid too but I really recommend them to who ever wants to have kids again.

I just found out I was pregnant yesterday on Nov 13,2006 I was very surprised it did happen so fast. I have doctor app on Dec 27,2006 so I wail keep ya'll updated I hope our baby is in the right place please pray for me.  Tube length rt 4-5 lt 6

.So I just want to tell everybody who is trying their is hope just be patient. Trust God it will happen when he thinks is the right time.

Elizabeth and Morgan

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