Connie Wiggins


June 2006


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal

June 26, 06


4-5 cm each side




July 2006

My name is Connie Wiggins, I had my TR on Monday, June 26,2006 at 8:00pm. We left Bellville Texas the Sunday before and stopped at a hotel half way since we had left so late. We got up the next morning and headed to Harlingen where a friend of ours lives. It was so neat (for me) to see the difference of Texas and Mexico. People do drive differently but our friend was from around that area so i wasn't scared.

I called Dr. Levi and let him know that we were close and did he want me to check in the hospital that night since my surgery wasn't until Tuesday. He told me to come on in and we would have the surgery that night. Boy was I excited! I hadn't been able to sleep for three days from nerves and excitement. He came to the hospital a little later that evening and spoke with me hours before the surgery. He was so considerate, well mannered and just plain caring. I had the surgery and everything went fine, my tubes were 4 to 5 cm long and I think I asked him a million times if that was long enough. LOL......He never complained about the questions I had and was more than willing to answer them all. The nurses were wonderful and really knew what the word pain meant. They also had wonderful food. I have to say there food is better than the hospital food in Texas. The Orange drink (not sure what its called) was very good. So were the pancakes.

The only problem I had was a bad reaction to the epidural once it wore off. No other pain medicine seem to work and I had severe back and leg pain. I thought it was because of my pinched nerve. Once we got across the border my husband and his friend took me to the ER in Harlingen. I had to wait 3 hours before they finally saw me. Once the doctor came in he had them hook me up to an IV and gave me two doses of morphine with in an hour for the pain. He told me that some women just have that kind of reaction to epidurals. Told me to drink some caffeine because that would help. I'm still weak and working on recouping.

I would recommend anyone to use Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi. I never met Dr. Perez but my husband did and he liked them both. They told us everything went great.  I had some scar tissue and adhesions but other than that the procedure went perfectly. Tubes are long enough and hopefully we are able to conceive. I do know that we will wait the time before we try. Dr. Levi said that trying to conceive any sooner could result in a tubal pregnancy and I do not want to ruin all this hard work just to try sooner.



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