Tina & William Woodward


September  2006


Tubal ligation

July 1, 2002

Tubal reversal   

Sept 23, 2006


6cm  each side


HSG 3/26/07 Right tube open, left blocked


April 2007

Well we still aren't pregnant yet but I went and had an HSG 3/26/07 and good news! Right side tube open !!! The left is blocked but it looks like it's blocked at the uterus and they think it might have been that way all along. Thanks Dr Perez for giving us a chance.
Bill and Tina Woodward

Sept 2006

My name is Tina (Merchant) Woodward my husband William and I married in March and wanted to start a family of our own. After researching on the Internet and talking to one of Dr. Perez's patients (thank you Tory) we found Rio Bravo reversals to be the option of choice for our family.

My husband and I flew Southwest into Harlingen airport on the 23rd of September. We were picked up by the shuttle service ( a cell phone is very helpful ) and taken to the Hospital where we were checked in right away. The shuttle will also stop at the store or to get food. Armine (our shuttle driver) even went out to get us food while we were at the hospital the next day which we tipped him generously for.  My surgery was scheduled for that day.

We arrived at the Hospital just after 4 pm. I didn't eat all day so I would be ready for surgery. I think I was in surgery by 6pm. Dr. Levi actually put in my IV in since I don't have much luck with IV's ... thank you Dr Levi. Then I went into the surgery room and got my epidural, and I didn't feel it at all. My husband took pictures and some video of the entire surgery. I was awake for most of it but I guess I fell asleep at one time. The anesthesiologist was great and everyone spoke perfect and clear English. I met Dr. Perez just as I was being wheeled into surgery.  I was not concerned, ... it's not much different than the states. And Dr. Levi was available the whole time I was there. I must have asked him a million questions. He couldn't walk by my room without me calling him to ask more questions.  When I delivered my first baby I don't even know who delivered him, and still couldn't tell you.

So my surgery went great ! I had 6 cm of tube on each side and just a little scarring. Recovery was a little longer than I thought. I was in a lot of pain those 1st few days. The nurses were great but be sure to take a pocket Spanish with you so communication goes easier.  Be sure to know how to say pain in Spanish and know how to ask for a shot for pain in Spanish. The shot was very effective where the pills were not so effective. I was up and walking the next day but still in pain. We left Monday morning on the 25th around 7:30am to get back to the airport for a 10:40 am flight back to San Diego. It was the latest available but our Southwest tickets only cost us about $500 for both of us. And a wheelchair is a must !!! Don't forget.

After I arrived at home I was suffering in pain so we made a trip to the hospital for a quick check and something for the pain. They said everything looked great ! and gave me another shot for pain management.  The shot helped me sleep that first night home and they also sent me home with some Vicodine. I was really sore that first week but it got better the 2nd week. Remember you will have to have 2 weeks off from work so plan for that. I thought I would be up and running in 3 days, and after 12 days I'm still moving slow (no running haha).

I took my stitches out on the 9th day. I did it by myself and no one was home. It was very easy...just followed the directions on the website. I can see they did a better job on the incision than the doctors who did my Cesarean in the States. Its healed up nicely. One cut about 4 inches in the center right along the previous scar.

So now we wait 2 months and then we will start trying. I am 39 so we'll see. We are blessed either way for Rio Bravo giving us this opportunity to start trying now instead of having to wait 2 more years to save up for American Doctors prices. We can't thank you enough Dr Levi, and Dr. Perez plus your great staff.

Tina and William Woodward

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